Secure Your Significant Files through Best LEO Applock

The top and most expectation and download the security safeguards and secures above millions of users from the issue of security leakage through the sturdy AppLock to lock the apps. It is convenient for the privacy scan to find the loophole, privacy box to put out of sight as private video and photo, best security of WiFi, and so on. The LEO Safeguard your entire storage of files in your mobile after the installing of an app. The several functions get anticipating you to locate it. Though the expectation is divulged by the number of users gets access the app on the Android phone.

Security specifications:-

Don’t get worry about the security of your phone, the LEO handles the files through the lock security system and also an alert system is accessible while others can steal your phone. By the user of LEO Applock to discover the location of the phone, the easy locking system as more privacy after your SMS along with a call log view by others. The Applock locks everything such as Messenger, Facebook, Whatsapp and an additional significant app which possibly will directs to leaks your security. Devoid of entering the exact password, no one able to open the lock; there are two sorts of locks such as pattern lock and pin lock. The user can put the desired lock the secure the important apps or files. The extra privacy things are as speedup, Wi-Fi security, Break-in Alert, privacy scans and also to tailor your lock mode under different situations. The safe box hides and locks your private data akin to videos and photos plus contacts. Get the direct scan of Wi-Fi to check the present Wi-Fi connection, and it blocks the malware’s present through the Wi-Fi connection. The Break-in Alert finds the person who enters the wrong key third time further you able to tailor the durations of entering the wrong password to picture the intruders.

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