5 Home Remedies For Dry and Damaged Hair

5 Home Remedies for Dry and Damaged Hair

Nobody loves a bad hair day. And think of those who have damaged hair since years. The brittle, dull and dry hair is a night mare for them. Most of the people suffer from frizzy hair and split ends. What might be the reason is, it’s just due to improper care or exposing the hair to additional and artificial treatments.

Some people are prone to the use of hairdryers and treatments like bleaching, coloring, and straightening – this makes their hair dry and damaged. Do remember that dry hair is more prone to breakage. So if you are addictive to this type of treatment, then it is high time to put an end to all these.

In order to end the damage of the hair, the first step is to change your daily hair habits. You need to start practicing healthy hair habits and treat the hair with deep conditioners and moisturize your hair with remedies. Best if you find some of the home remedies to cure your dry and damaged hair.

It is time to give your frizzy hair a new lease of life. You can find this guide helpful as it helps you to get to know some of the best tips to repair and reverse the dry and damaged hair.

But prior to that, you need to know why you are suffering from a dry and damaged hair?

Reasons of Having Dry and Damaged hair

  1. Too many of smoothening treatment, if done close together can make you have a lock that looks super thirsty. Though it makes your hair look luscious and dreamy, if you do them quite frequently, the buildup of protein on the hair might cause it to turn brittle.
  2. Change in the hormone is also one of the major reason behind dry and damaged hair. If you are in taking birth control pills or undergoing pregnancy or menopause, all these physiological changes make you suffer from dry and damaged hair.
  3. Using the wrong shampoo is equally effective in turning your hair dead. Stop using dry shampoo, better rinse your hair with water and remove some oil rather than take the risk of putting the wrong shampoo on your head.
  4. If you brush your hair when wet, then your hair turns susceptible to breakage. This won’t make your hair dry, but it will make your hair brittle and will lead to breakage and split ends. Instead of brushing your hair, comb and put some leave-in conditioner along with it.
  5. Whether you use a dryer or a flat iron, the daily heat that you provide your hair will strip off all the moisture. You can avoid that easily, just go to the sun a little and dry your hair. If the heat which you use is imperative, try to keep the temperature below 400 degrees.

5 Home Remedies For Dry and Damaged Hair

Advantages of Home Remedies For Dry and Damaged Hair

5 Home Remedies For Dry and Damaged Hair

With the application of essential hair treatments to reduce frizzy, dry and brittle hair will let you have –

  • A healthy and glowing hair
  • It will become smooth with natural conditioners
  • You will get back the long lost shine in your hair
  • Your scalp will evidently get better and will reduce having dandruff
  • Your hair will turn strong and tough
  • With the proper use of remedies on a regular basis might increase the length or volume of hair

Top 5 Home Remedies for Dry and Damaged Hair

Here are the top 5 home remedies that will help you have a good hair day always.

1.Use of hair masks made with egg

Eggs are almost in our home and do you know that eggs are an excellent remedy to cure dry and damaged hair. For short hair, take one egg and for long hair, the amount of egg may be two or three.

With a fork mix all the egg yolk and white in a dish and apply it on the hair and leave it for thirty minutes. Then wash off your hair normally.

2.Use of natural hair conditioners like apple cider vinegar

When you are suffering from dry hair it is best to avoid the industrial hair conditioners. They might damage your hair & may also cause hair loss. A very popular hair conditioner that you can find at your home is none other than apple cider vinegar.

This will benefit the hair to a great extent. It especially works for dandruff as well as helps to make your hair smooth & shiny.

You need to mix equal amount of apple cider vinegar with slight lukewarm water. You need to apply it just like the way you apply conditioner, after using shampoo on the rinsed hair. Then wash it off after a few minutes.

3  Use sugar water to shape your hair

If you are having dry and damaged hair, most likely hair spray leads to hair loss which is mostly industrial. But you can easily replace it with the home remedy like sugar to control your damaged hair naturally.

You need to mix one teaspoon of sugar in cup of water and run it through dry hair and rinse after few minutes.

4. Apply beer on hair to protect from hair dryer damages

5 Home Remedies For Dry and Damaged Hair


Beer is rich in Vitamin B and it makes itself an excellent home remedy and a natural hair conditioner for your hair. If it is possible, apply on the hair after you wash it with some sprayer. After that, leave it on for some minutes and you do not have to rinse it off.

The smell of beer can easily remove by a blow dryer, but you need to use the blow dryer at a temperature low below 400 degrees.

6.    Use Pumpkin as a natural hair massager

While you prepare those delicious meals with pumpkin, you need to keep aside a little to nourish your hair as well. Just use cooked pumpkin or cook it for twenty minutes and make a paste out of it with the use of olive oil and lemon juice.

Massage it for an hour on your scalp and cover with a plastic cap, leave it for thirty minutes and wash off your hair.

Video from youtube : DIY Hair Mask

These are some of the general and tried out home remedies that can help you to restore dry and damaged hair naturally. Try them or share if you have more home remedies to let others know.

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    I like long hair but sometimes I have to cut and trim my hair because of split ends. Thank you for sharing amazing solutions and home remedies. Such a helpful article.

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