Sleep Like a Baby: 8 No-Nonsense Ways to Put Your Child to Sleep

Sleep is one of the important things for the development of a child, and we as parents always make sure that they get ample sleep. Making your kids sleep early at night will improve their physical and mental well-being, such as their learning and cognitive abilities.

However, putting our child to sleep is one of the most challenging tasks that every parent face. Some children just have this mindset to play always even on their sleeping time. We as parents cannot afford to let this happen, that is why we always find ways to make them sleep.

If you are a parent who has difficulties in making your kids sleep, here are some ways to help you in your problem.

Get Your Child a Consistent Nighttime Sleeping Routine

Children are easy to respond to cues and patterns, and subjecting them to a routine before sleep may be of great help for them. You can try creating a routine for them that will tell them that it is sleep time.

This routine can be as simple as toothbrushing, bathing, or reading a book. For instance, if you are going to read a book to your children before bedtime, make sure to allow a consistent time. Also, read to them in a voice that is soothing for them to sleep early at night.

Create a Daytime Routine

The same with the nighttime routine, it is also essential that you get your child daytime rituals for them to sleep at night easily. These routines can include nap time, play time, and snack time during the day. Routines like those mentioned will help anchor your kid’s sleep time as they create patterns that are conducive to sleep during the night.

Always Keep Their Security Object Near Them

For most children, bedtime can mean separation. That means a temporary separation from their favorite toy, doll, or their parents (if you are sleeping in a separate room from your child). This temporary separation can cause them to be anxious, and it can hinder their sleep.

If you want you children to sleep early, you must make them feel secure with themselves during the night. You can do this by keeping their favorite personal object near their bed, or cuddling and singing a lullaby to them at night.

Clean the Room to Avoid Allergens from Ruining Their Sleep

Some kids could not sleep at night because they spend the night sneezing, scratching, and itching. Allergens that thrive in an unclean, dusty room can cause all these.

For you to avoid this, you need to have a regular clean-up in their room. As such, you will create a healthy and conducive environment for sleeping. However, if symptoms of allergies keep showing, it will be a good idea to check them up by a doctor.

Dim or Turn off the Lights in the Room

Many studies point to too much light in the bedroom as one of the leading causes to sleep disruption. It is because a significant amount of light can disrupt the regulation of hormones which help us doze off at night.

Thus, if you want to put your kids to sleep at night, it is advisable that you create them an environment that is conducive to sleeping. You can start by dimming the lights in the bedroom in a way that makes them sleep without hassle. Or you can also turn off the lights for this purpose.

Maintain a Cool Room Temperature

Aside from too much light in the bedroom, there is also a correlation between hot room temperature to bad sleep. Our body drops every time we doze off, and to keep it at a normal set point, we should keep the room temperature cool.

Your kids need to have a ceiling fan, or you can adjust the aircon to their desired temperature level for them to sleep soundly at night.

Muffle the Unwanted Sounds in the Bedroom

The noise of the passing cars outside, the snores, and any unwanted sounds can keep your child from getting sleep at night. If you know this problem, you can quickly find a solution to it. You just need to keep the kid’s room as quiet as possible.

You can do this by having a white noise machine in the room. A white noise machine can muffle any noises that can disrupt the good night’s sleep of your child.

Get Your Child a Good Mattress

The solution to your child’s difficulty in sleeping may be as simple as getting them a good mattress. It can be that your child is having a hard time sleeping due to his rough, lumpy mattress. As such, you need to get them a new mattress that is ideal for them.

You can find many types of mattresses in many home centers today. There is latex, innerspring, and foam mattresses. An ideal mattress for your child can help him sleep better and soundly at night.


Having the right amount of sleep is essential for your child’s development. Thus, as parents, you need to see to it that you put your kids to sleep early at night. However, you can sometimes find it difficult to put your child to sleep.

The ways mentioned above can help you in getting your kid a good night’s sleep. For instance, you can make the kid’s room temperature cool, turn off the lights, have a bedtime routine, or get your kid a good mattress. You can find a good mattress in sites like Deal Wiki.


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