Product: Oxo Tot Sprout Chair

  • Dimensions (mm): 610W x 480D x 940H
  • Product weight: 9.6kh
  • From 6 months to 27kg


The Oxo Tot Sprout Chair is a baby highchair sold in Australia, and internationally. It is a mid-priced highchair yet has multiple settings and adjustments to cater to a wider age range than single use highchairs. This extra functionality has made the Sprout one of the most popular highchairs available in Australia today. Designed and manufactured by Oxo, the Sprout Chair has won many international design awards including

  • Red Dot Award Winner: Product Design – Best of the Best
  • IDSA International Design Excellence Award Winner: Silver
  • Spark! Design Award Winner: Silver

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Comfort (5/5)

The PVC covered seat has a good quality and comparably thick cushion underneath, providing your baby with a comfortable seat they will be happy to sit in, as opposed to a hard plastic seat they might not enjoy so much. The Oxo Tot Sprout Chair also has multiple adjustments as mentioned below, so you can configure the seat to the exact size of your little one, making for a very comfortable position when baby or toddler is eating.

Ease of Use (5/5)

We were actually surprised by the ease of use for the Sprout highchair. With so many adjustments available, we thought it would be a bit complicated, but all the levers and clips are in very obvious positions and most of them are one hand operations as well. Therefore even if you have the baby in your arm, you can use your free hand to remove the tray in case you need some space to put baby in the chair.

Assembly is also relatively straight forward when you open the box. There are 12 bolts in total that attach the two side legs to a front and rear cross member, while the front steps and seat all simply clip into position. No tools are required, just the Allen key which is provided with the packaging. All up assembly should take most people about 5-10 minutes, and the instructions are extremely easy to understand and follow.

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Adjustability (5/5)

One of the main features and strengths of the Oxo Tot Sprout Chair is the number of different configurations available, and this is where it comes into a class of its own. The majority of highchairs you can purchase are fixed chairs that have one setting. This is perfect when your baby is able to sit upright and eat independently, usually at about 6 months of age, but baby’s grow very quickly and can soon outgrow the highchair. The Sprout chair has a unique and patented design that allows for 3 different seat heights, 3 tray positions, and 3 step height. It’s been a while since my last math class, but by my calculations, that’s 27 different configurations…WOW! The chair is actually rated from 6 months right up to 5 years of age, so you will be getting many years use from the Oxo Tot Sprout.

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Quality (4.5/5)

One thing we noticed immediately was the weight and quality finish of the materials used in the Oxo Tot Sprout highchair. The side legs are made from solid ply birch timber, providing a very stable base that will never topple. The PVC seat has been made with durability in mind but the finish is excellent, as are all the plastic components. The product is phthalate and BPA free, so is also completely safe for your baby. Absolutely zero forward-back movement, but there was a slight side-side movement, nothing to worry about though.

Value for Money (4.5/5)

The Oxo Tot Sprout Highchair retails in Australia for $399, although many retailers price it below this. This places it within the mid-range price of most highchairs for sale, but is it still good value for money? Given that most highchairs are thrown away within 12 months, while the Oxo Tot can be used for perhaps 4.5 years, we think it represents very good value for money, but not excellent. Your cheapest option is still probably a single setting fixed highchair, followed up by a booster seat, but there are certain comfort and quality issues with this option.

To sum up if you are in the market for a baby highchair that is of excellent quality, stylish and super versatile, then we think you will be exceptionally satisfied with the Oxo Tot Sprout Chair.

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