Most Irresistible Reasons To Buy LifeCore R 100 Commercial Rowing Machine

Most Irresistible Reasons To Buy LifeCore R 100 Commercial Rowing Machine

If you are in search of a top class commercial grade rowing machine that could be used with equal dexterity both at home and fitness centre then LifeCore R 100 Commercial Rowing machine would be the best fit for your needs. It comes with a host of exciting features where its resistance system hits the top of the bill. It is the sole rowing machine in the market that utilises both electronic and air Brake system technology which makes it the best rower machine within a price grade of $1299. Whether you are an expert athlete or a novice trying to deal with intricacies of workout, this machine has all the features ready to meet your needs while providing an extra smooth, controlled and quiet cardio exercise.

Inclusion of the Most Competitive Resistance System:

 To offer an in depth analysis of the Lifecore R100 commercial rowing machine, it must be said that this is the only rowing equipment which combines both fan and magnetic resistance system. Confused with what’s so exciting about it? Well, the fan resistance offers an easy rowing by pulling and pushing through the air. But this mechanism can be extremely noisy and disturbing while stroking at a very high intensity.

Also it becomes too difficult for the equipment to maintain tough resistance at high level of velocity strokes with only air resistance mechanism. So that’s the place where the function of electronic magnetic resistance comes to play. You will be overwhelmed to know that with the Lifecore R 100 commercial rowing machine, the magnetic resistance mechanism starts in almost no time.

The resistance of the rowing machine is generated only by the fan in the 1st level while in the 2nd level and beyond, it engages the electronic magnetic resistance. The fan resistance continuously provides an overall hassle free and seamless rowing action while the magnetic resistance braking system also offers a control over the intensity. Doesn’t that appear quite smart?

To further impress you, the R100 commercial rowing equipment also has an air vent directed at the user which can be closed or opened depending upon needs. This would give you a human-powered cool breeze while you exercise. So its a good idea that the makers have utilised the air moving out of the fan flywheel so efficiently.

A Computer Monitoring System that’s Best in the Lot:

Lets have a look at the on-board computer display which is sure to mesmerise you with its attractive dual colour, backlit LCD display. This rare feature makes it effortless to read the screen even when there’s no light in the room. This computer can be powered by a battery as well as plugged in with an AC adaptor.

The display monitor is suitably placed on the adjustable arm extending quite a long distance from the machine frame, allowing to view the display without any discomfort. This monitor is also adjustable and can be easily pivoted around to optimise the view.

The 16 resistance levels and 11 pre-programmed workout are adjusted at the monitor making it easy for you to select from. Among all the preinstalled fitness programs, experts recommend that the heart rate programs are the best that allows the exercise to be automatically adjusted for keeping the heart rate in a desirable range.

The fitness data that can be viewed on the screen include pulse rate, wattage, total strokes along with strokes per minute, total metre and time of rowing and total calories burned. So this is a premium rowing machine and if your desire is to get a fitness equipment that’s quiet and smooth, ergonomic and durable, challenging and balanced, comes in an amazing warranty and provides all the data you want to have an access to, then the Lifecore R 100 commercial rowing machine is an equipment made for you.

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