Why Are More People Booking Serviced Apartments Over Hotels

Why Are More People Booking Serviced Apartments Over Hotels

These days more and more people are choosing to stay in serviced furnished apartments instead of booking hotels for a multitude of reasons.

Price is one of the big reasons to choose a serviced apartment over a hotel. Hotels tend to charge premium rates as most of the stays at the hotel are for travellers seeking temporary accommodation for a night or two where serviced apartments tend to be more cost effective as they are priced to entice people who are looking to rent the premises for longer than a couple of nights. The prices for hotels also fluctuate and spike depending on the time of year or if it’s during the typical holiday season where you can guarantee that the rent on a serviced apartment will remain the same for the duration of your tenancy.

Another reason that people are flocking to serviced apartments over hotels is access to a full functioning kitchen. When you’re only staying for a short time at a hotel it seems fine to eat out at the local restaurants while you stay but if you’re staying long term it can get really expensive to eat out every single night. With a serviced apartment you will be able to do a proper grocery shop and keep your food bills down to a minimum saving you a lot of money over eating out every night.

Having a space to call your own is a great feeling. It’s hard to get that homely feeling when you’re staying in a hotel as you will be constantly interacting with multiple staff members and other hotel guests on a daily basis. With your own serviced apartment it is all yours for the duration of your stay and you don’t need to worry about cleaning staff coming in daily and moving things you left out or having to worry about leaving your valuables out.

You will also be able to store more items at a serviced apartment like your bicycle and clothing without having to figure out how to store those items in a locker somewhere if you decide to go on vacation. Normally with a hotel you would check out and remove all your items from the hotel room when you leave and you then have to find another means of storing the items you don’t want to take on your vacation.

Location is also something to think about when choosing between a hotel or a serviced apartment and what sells it for a lot of people is that hotels are normally located in busy tourist locations and there may not be one located close to the location you will want them to be in and you may face a longer commute into your work place. With a serviced apartment you can probably find one that is ideally located close to your workplace in the suburbs if you desire.

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