The Effects of Education on Rural Societies in Third World Countries

It is commonly believed that education is essential in today’s society. In many areas, being properly educated can make a huge difference in a person’s life. Education is essentially a learning process. Students will need to acquire knowledge from teacher, books, the Internet and other sources of knowledge, skills and experience. Education is essential if we want to move up higher in the world. We will be able to gain better jobs and become more successful in life. Education can help people to advance their career and they will have improved income. When a person is more educated, it is easier for him to gain the needed power and prestige. However, in many areas around the world, Education can’t be achieved easily. In many third world countries, there are many people who are illiterate and they may don’t have the access to the proper infrastructure.

This could happen when people reside in villages; not in larger cities. In larger urban areas, education is usually more prevalent. People who live in villages usually spend the majority of their time working in fields to cultivate plants and harvest crops. Because, these activities take so much efforts and time, it can be difficult for them to get properly educated. People tend to get married at younger age; because parents may not be able to support the family any longer. In this case, many families in the third world countries are more concerned about getting their children married instead of providing enough education. Ideally, people should pursue career in many fields to better serve their community. They need good things to keep their dream alive.

For many people, transition can be quite challenging. They will need to properly change their lifestyle and adjust their daily habits. By getting updated to latest developments in their preferred fields; people could keep their dream alive. They could join various organizations and clubs to become more aware of the present medical careers. We should have the required knowledge to pursue the right career. Being educated is important to ensure that we have the correct pathways in life. As an example, many people from rural areas in third world countries are finally able to become technicians or other positions. This has caused them to have a well rounded and more successful lifestyle than staying in the villages.

With education, people are able to learn to lead a better life. They know what they should do in specific situations and hopefully; they could become street-smart. There is knowledge that needs to be acquired for each profession. Knowledge can be transmitted through books and other medium. Eventually, we will need the proper knowledge how specific things need to be operated in some areas. It is clear that education is an essential thing and we shouldn’t be deprived of it. The wealth of a nation depends on the mental and intellectual capacity of its people so education is essential.

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