Why We Experience Muscle Tightness?

Many of us tend to feel tense, such as tightness at the upper back and lower back. Tight muscles could cause numerous issues, due to pain and aches. Tightness can be caused by multiple problems, such as reduced blood flow and oxygen. People who sit and work on the desk for a longer period of time each day are more likely to suffer from muscle tightness.

As a member of the animal kingdom, human being is designed by the nature to move often. We are not plants, so it is a bad idea to sit for too long. Unfortunately, many people sit up to 90 percent of their waking time. After a long day at the office, many people spend a few hours in front of TV and this cycle rarely ceases.

Why We Experience Muscle Tightness

When we get up in the morning, we often immediately sit after taking a bath to eat breakfast and read the newspaper. Many of us ends the day by sitting on the bed while reading a book. If we figure out how long we sit each day, it is easy to see that we sit for much of the time. Our body isn’t designed for prolonged seated position and this can bring many negative things. The biomechanics of our body demands us to move repeatedly.

Instead of standing upright, many of us sit in C-shaped position. We could counter this condition by sitting upright, but this doesn’t eliminate negative factors of prolonged sitting position. When the works on a computer, people often do repetitive things and this could stress specific muscles. Only limited number of muscles does the actual work, while most of muscles are passive. This could cause the shoulder and buttocks to become stiff and tighten up.

Prolonged sitting position could cause numerous problems such as joints stiffness, muscle pain, tension headaches, loss of movements, lower back pain, poor blood circulation on specific areas and pain. Prolonged sitting position could also cause adhesions, which are identified by trigger points. Specific areas of the body could also be affected by muscle knots, which are caused micro trauma and regular stress. Repeated micro trauma may form tiny amount of scar tissue over time. Common micro trauma can be caused by prolonged usages of mouse.

There are ways to treat symptoms caused by prolonged seated position, such as the self myofascial release or SMR. This technique could be performed through self massage, yoga, medicine ball work, acupressure balls and foam rolling. Performing SMR can help us to recover from bad condition and it could also prevent symptoms on unaffected individuals.

SMR could simply help our mind and body to recover as well as get prepared for more work at the office. Acupressure balls can also effective and they are reasonably affordable. We can roll these balls on our feet, hand and other areas to improve circulation and relieve muscle tension. With enough relaxation, we should be able to keep our muscles to work at peak efficiency.

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