6 Simple Steps To Write A Good Conclusion For Your Essay

When writing an article, many students find it difficult to come up with an impressive introduction and conclusion. The two are critical parts of the paper that will either make the reader go through your whole article or simply ignore it. And to be honest, after investing a lot of time into an essay, you want the reader to read your piece, word by word.

There are various, custom essay writing service, which you can hire for your essay writing assignments. However, when you have to do the work by yourself, the following are steps to help you write an engaging conclusion for your paper:

1. Start with an opening sentence

During a presentation, you are allowed to use words that indicate you are finalizing the presentation. In the case of an essay, this is not so, as the reader can tell when you are about to finish your arguments. You can use terms that wrap up your main arguments by using words like, Ultimately, etc.

2. Summarize your main arguments

The conclusion of an essay is not a section to add new points to the paper. It is a section where you summarize your main points in the article. Essay service will always rephrase your main points in the body of the article in conclusion.

3. Answer the question “So what.”

In the close of a research paper, it is safe to assume that the reader had time to go through the whole article. As you outline you finishing the statement, ask yourself, “So what.” Then explain the response to the question, in your conclusion.

4. Provoke the Reader

You want to leave an impression with your readers. What better way to achieve this than to include a Call to Action in your conclusion. You have to show them why they need to heed to your call to action, too. If this is not possible, then you can ask a question that will cause the reader to ponder about it.

5. Align it with your introduction

The beginning and close of your essay should use the same voice. In that, they should complement each other. Make references to the introductory passage using parallel concepts or returning to the scenario you used in your introduction. It will help the reader see the connection between the points in the main body of the paper with the introductory passage and conclusion; it’s a full circle.

6. Build a connection with the audience

One of the effective ways to engage a reader is to form a relationship with them. It shouldn’t apply only to the body and introduction of the article. You can use your conclusion to compare your primary arguments with something that the reader can relate to.


If you want to write a compelling conclusion without the need for custom essay services, you can do so by following the outlined steps. A conclusion should leave an impression with the reader while emphasizing your main arguments.

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