Which Are The Coolest Holsters On The Market Right Now?

As more advanced firearms hit the general market, so too do the pieces of kit that come along with them. Guns these days are not only there for our protection and in order to defend ourselves, they can also be considered something of a fashion accessory. After all, if you are going to be carrying a piece of dangerous hardware, you might as well look good whilst you are doing it.

It is for this reason that today we are going to look at some of the hottest gun holsters on the market so that you can carry your firearm with a touch of style. Let’s take a look at what is on offer for anyone looking to up their holster game.

1791 Gunleather UIW

The guys at 1791 have four generations of leather makers to depend upon when it comes to crafting these fine holsters. Their newest and hottest product right now is the Universal Inside the Waist or UIW that is designed for guns with a variety of different barrel lengths that have lasers, lights and rails. Not only is the leather of the finest American quality, it is also incredibly flexible and versatile.

Bravo Concealment DOS

This hard-wearing holster was unveiled at the 2017 SHOT conference and it really got people talking. This holster in particular is the DOS or drop out of sight and it is designed with deep concealment in mind. The piece can be designed to order for a wide range of pistols and pistols with accessories and the company will even offer a 30 day money-back guarantee and a warranty for life.

Concealed Carrie

Not only does this women’s holster making company has one of the best business names of all time, their products more than hit the mark when it comes to style, concealment and design. The holsters which you can find here range from sleek, handbag style holders to off-the-body options which you can buy in all range of colors and designs, alligator and ostrich included.

Crossfire Elite

Crossfire have created quite a name for themselves inside gun circles thanks to their ‘Undercover’ model which revolver lovers have bought in huge amounts and helped to put the company on the map. The new holster that the company are offering is the EDC and it is a hybrid piece which fits inside the waistband and is designed with comfort, concealment and speedy access in mind. This low-profile holster not only comes with a money-back guarantee and lifetime warranty, you can also get the additional comfort panel which makes sure that you have no problems when wearing the holster for extended periods of time. This is one of my favorite low-profile holsters on the market right now and I cannot recommend it enough.

The gun holster market is love and kicking and these new pieces are what you should be looking at if you feel it is time for an upgrade.

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