What You Need To Do To Prepare Your Car For Winter

What You Need To Do To Prepare Your Car For Winter

Summertime is still upon us, but fall is fast approaching and winter will be in full swing before you know it. As you begin to prep yourself, your house and your schedule for the cold months ahead, you should also be thinking about what you need to do to prepare your car. Just as you do with your home, you need to make sure that your car is ready to withstand the torchers of cold winter weather.

So what exactly needs to be done to your car before you hit the roads this winter season? Depending on your climate, there are a lot of little things that you need to think about to not only keep your car running well, but also to protect your car while it is off the road. Here are some things that you need to do to prepare your car for winter.

Stock your Car with Antifreeze

The first and foremost item you need to check in your car before winter comes is the antifreeze. This will keep your car running smoothly even when it unbearably cold and protect your engine so you can rely on your car for many winters to come. Replace your antifreeze before the snow falls and check the level regularly to ensure your engine is safe to run in cold weather.

Give your Car as much Protection as possible when it’s not in Use

If you have the luxury of access to a garage, this is the best way to keep your car warm and safe during the winter when it’s not in use. Even better, you can insulate your garage and use heaters inside to keep your car at optimal temperature when it’s inside. If not, maybe consider renting out a garage for the winter, or park in covered parking garages as much as you can when you are away from home. Use TitleMax.com to invest in some covers for your car when it’s not in use.

Replace Your Windshield Wipers

You old windshield wipers may have been effective during summer rains, but the winter snow fall requires something a little more durable. Replace your current windshield wipers with ones made for winter use. These will hold up better in the cold and will not crack or leave streaks on your windshield when you are driving in the cold.

Maintain Fluids

As mentioned before with the antifreeze, keeping your fluid levels up during the winter is essential to proper car function. Keep your fluid levels high throughout your car. Running on low fuel and oil is not only potentially damaging to your car in the summer, it is dangerous for your car in the winter because the chances of the fluids freezing, even with antifreeze, or the possibility of your car stalling are more likely in the winter.

Have an Emergency Kit Inside Your Car

No matter what the season is, especially if you are planning a long trip away from home in your car, you should have an emergency kit for your car. Have things available for every situation that your car may stop functioning, including not only a spare tire and a jack, but also extra food and water, a flashlight, matches and any other items you could use in an emergency situation.

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