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Do You Let Your Kids Pick Their Own Toys?

Today, there are a lot of stores that sell toys that are separated by gender and colour, which might cause a lot of social damage to our children. If you purchase toys on, you can rest assured that these toys are not gendered. Many parents are tired of the blue and pink toys that …

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Screentime and Bedtime

We have all seen advertisements for wonder cures or products. Often, these high energy infomercials promise miracle results with relative ease and several payments of $19.99 with free shipping. However, many of us are leary of these as-seen-on-tv pledges and often proceed with caution. Afterall, our experiences have taught us that if something sounds too …

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Top 10 Apps For Millennials

Yes, the popular term “generation gap” is a real thing! Most adults felt a detachment with their parents and other elders while growing up but, if you think you fit into the modern crowd and that younger generations don’t feel the same way about you, you are probably mistaken. With all of the technological advancements …

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