Bringing Out Your Child’s Inner Performer

It could help bring a shy child out of their shell. Equally, it could help a boisterous child let off steam. Playing at theatrical or performing arts with your kids will have a lot of benefits – and they are great way to channel children’s imaginations and creative energy. Here are a couple of ideas for ways to bring your child’s inner actor out into the limelight.

Bringing Out Your Child’s Inner Performer

Improvisation And Acting

An easy starting point is to simply play at dressing up. Costumes are easy to improvise, most of the basics you will be able to find in the home already.  Staples include a prince or princess, a policeman or woman, a doctor, an explorer, or a Bollywood star. With each costume, give your child an instruction to pretend to be that character for a few minutes.

Any simple improvisation game (“Pretend to be a teacher.” “Pretend you are a doctor and that a patient has come into the hospital with a sore foot.”) will encourage most kids to put on a show and get into the spirit of acting.

Link any acting challenge to what your kids are learning about in school, or their favourite hobbies as a way of reinforcing their knowledge. For instance, if they are learning about wildlife in the classroom, ask them to pretend to be a bird during the game.

As a parent, your job is to create a positive and supportive atmosphere to encourage the kids and build their self-esteem. Do not criticise their performing abilities or push them too hard.

Music And Performance

Another simple challenge is to create a mini comedy routine. Don’t underestimate the importance of funny jokes for kids for their development! Encourage your children to look up jokes and then deliver these to the audience. If they have a favourite story or poem, ask them to read it out loud on stage.

Play music on speakers for your children to lip-sync and dance to. Give them an opportunity to sing their favourites tunes solo or as a group. Invite them to make up a brand new song and “perform” it for the audience. There are a lot of possibilities!

Simple musical instruments can be created at home to provide accompaniment to any song. Plastic tubs of half-full of rice can be used as shakers, and bowls can be converted into drums. In no time at all you will have created an impromptu band!

The Benefits Of Acting Games

These simple games will teach your children a lot of useful skills for later in life. It is a chance for them to practice public speaking – what it means to speak slowly and clearly for the benefit of an audience. It is a safe environment for shy children to get used to standing up in front of a group.

As a parent it can be useful observing which activities your children really enjoy, especially if the kids have never taken part in theatrical or performance-based activities before. If one of your offspring really loves dancing around the living room, perhaps it would be beneficial for them to enrol in a dance class?

Lastly, the medium of acting gives an opportunity to discuss with children the socially appropriate behaviours for different situations.

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