Shopping list during the third trimester of pregnancy

Pregnancy shopping list third trimester is something that you would need to give a serious thought. Till now the excitement of having purchased a baby gear would have reduced a lot. At the same time, you might be tired of browsing and trying to figure out what you really need. Shopping list during pregnancy and particularly during the third trimester does involve a lot of thought and you need to consider what all you need to purchase. Let us go through them in details

Pregnancy belly band

Once the baby makes an entry into the pelvis an equal amount of pressure you do face on the pelvis. To a large degree, this pain could be avoided if you go on to wear a maternity band. It might not sound all that glamour prone but it can go on to reduce the back or the abdominal pain. The best part is that you could wear it in a discrete manner under your own set of clothes.

Feeding supplies

You might need your own stock of supplies along with a nursing pillow so as to support the baby during the time of sleeping. Bottles, a nursing bra along with pads are all important.

Suppliers of diapers

You need to stock up on your supply on diapers. This would be both the disposable and the cloth ones. It has been observed that during the first few weeks you may need close to 12 diapers on a daily basis. At the same time, you are going to need petroleum jelly so as to prevent diaper rash. At the same time, you would need a bag to carry along the diaper suppliers wherever you head to. When it concerns the dirty stock of diapers you can have a bag handy to stock it off.

Car seat

In some countries, it is a law, particularly in the US. You would need to tuck up the baby in a tight manner when they are in the car. So you can assure and guarantee your bundle of joy when they are about to head home. It is high time you do check out the different types of brands and find out which is the one that works for you.

Nursing tops and bras

If you are really planning to breastfeed your baby do invest in a couple of nursing tops and bras and keep it in your hospital bag. At the same time do consider bras that are not too tight and offer plenty of support. Do learn the art of successful breastfeeding at the same time.

Extras of babies
These items are not that essential from a technical point. As per the viewpoint of some parents, it might be an infant swing that may or may not be necessary. In addition, it could be a bouncy seat for your baby to juggle as well. coupled with the fact that with a baby monitor you can keep a track of your baby when you are busy.

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