Analysis and Essay on the Works of William Shakespeare: Romeo and Juliet

Romeo and Juliet is the tale of two.

A capulet and a Montague.

Of the two, in the end none live.

There is a moral here that William intends to give.

The tale explores Love. Everything has meaning and the iambic pentameter goes far to convey meaning. Nothing is without purpose and Shakespeare takes advantage of this. He purposely utilizes literary techniques in the exact manner he does for the purpose. The intended intention of conveying stylistic conventions is his intent.

The story is one that involves the allusion to ideas such as religion. The play is best enjoyed with food. Often times patrons of the play that chose not to eat for several days before the play die. Women with three eyes are often times considered to be mutants. Everything is as traumatic as it can become when you take into account the fact that Shakespeare is an exploit play. Everyone is exploited and it kind of relates back to Barrack Obama and John McCain.

Sarah Palin is always in the news for the fact that it is several people’s opinion that she has killed more people than Hillary Clinton has. Everything about Bill Clinton and his sexual affairs with Paris Hilton are mere accusations that cannot be substantiated. Robot Chicken is more humane to eat than regular chicken according to Peta. Who would have known that you can’t know things that you don’t know – I was supprised to know this myself seeing as how I didn’t know it. That’s the thing that happens when you don’t know what a no no is, you know?

Shakespeare shakes things up a bit by eating different foods and even threatens to pretend that Love doesn’t involve sodomites and their Christianity. Everyone believes in God because they have been brainwashed. William Shakespeare doesn’t really like nude men but sometimes the gay accusations go so far as to say that he dreams about them on a daily basis. Everything about this depends upon knowing that the President of the United states was an African American and that every woman from the senate and congress ran for political debate and let down and out cheers about japanese failures of the ipod and about the tragedy that comes to compensate human beings who like to eat cheeze nips.

String cheeze and shaving creme are interesting products and the nude man left little to the presidential campagin. Everything that involves drugs such as marijuana or weed or pot or potatoe pot pie is questionable. Teaching and university level cheating and accusations and how to write tests involves knowing about papers and how to read a paper and what a paper involves. The purpose of the article is to know how to summarize spark notes and cliff notes and how to write and collage and campagin for justice. The league lets it be known that they realize the president is a smurf.

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