How To Find Little Black Dress As Per Body Types

So, you are planning your look for an extra special day? Well, you can certainly not find anything better than the little black dress. Known fondly as a must have in your closet, LBD is one ensemble that can make you look amazingly stylish and chic. What makes them a suitable choice is the fact that these are available in versatile styles and manage to add a spunk element without many efforts. All that you need to do is to find some dress that camouflages the imperfections and highlights your perfections.

Luckily, with coupons, you can find amazing LBD without nailing your pockets. You can find black dresses that meet your style quotient while keeping a note on affordability factor. An important parameter that every woman should consider while choosing long black dress is the body type. Here is the perfect guide for finding LBD that meets your body type and personality.

Women With Top Heavy Built

For those who have heavy top built, it is best to rely upon dresses that accentuate your upper body while making it look balanced. You should prefer highlighting your legs, which is possible when you wear knee length or mid calf length dress. The preferable neckline would be V neck, square and mock neck style. The dresses should be made out of fabrics that do not cling to your body instead, you can opt for stretchable fabrics.

Women With Bottom Heavy Built

Women who have heavy bottom, need to be very careful while choosing the right dress. It is best when you choose a dress that reaches up to your knees while covering the problem areas such as tights and hips. You can draw attention to the upper are while wearing halter neck, strapless or off-shoulder dress. Also, you can wear A-line dresses that flow symmetrically through the lower body.

Women With Masculine Figure

If in case, you have a body type that is masculine and lacks desired curves, you will have to choose a dress that lets you look a little extra curvaceous and feminine. The best option would be getting belted dresses. Such dresses highlight both the upper and lower area while letting you look slimmer around the waist area.

Women With Petite Figure

It is known well that petite frames can carry stylish effortlessly. However, there are times when the desire to look elongated comes in mind. For all such times, the best option would be adorning dresses that allow you to look flattered and elongated. Horizontal dresses give an impression that your body is long and conceals the petite frame. Even though the fluffy dresses with bows make you look cute, you will have to avoid them else you will end up looking stuart and petite.

Women With Plus Size

Who says being plus size is a disadvantage, you can look amazingly curvaceous and gorgeous if you put on the right dress. Considering that such women have hour glass shape with top and bottom area being heavy, it is important to choose dresses that conceal the problematic areas and highlights the waist which is slender. Avoid wearing baggy dresses to escape looking huge.

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