Easy-Going Denver: TOP 7 Places To Eat and Drink For Plain Tourists

What city attractions are the most interesting for tourists? Of course, it is all about food. Denver is a city where you can eat well. Everything is very good and you always ask for more. Actually, the food in Colorado is WOW: smell, taste, quality. Hire a car in Denver and go to the nearest supermarket to buy Snickers. It is tastier than you have ever tried. Never forget to buy the pack of Snickers for present.


Address: 999 18th St., Denver

Syrup means the dozens of kinds of tasty syrups, Viennese wafers, toasts with fruits and jam, crispy pancakes, different variations of egg dishes, bacon, cheese and vegetables. What is more, there is no any other place as good for sweets as Syrup. Of course, the local pancakes are sweet and good, the syrup that is usually served in a special jar is perfect.

Mmm... waffles

Snooze or Snooze Eatery

Address: 2262 Larimer St., Denver

This is a chain of cafes in Denver. They are three in this city. This is also the most popular place for breakfast. The cafe looks plain and simple. It is very popular place and you have to wait for an hour to come in and get free table. Nevertheless, you are offered to have some free coffee while you are waiting. It is very pleasant to visit Snooze in the early morning: pleasant aromas, laugh and fun is everywhere. The place is very positive and noisy to start your day. The omelet with mushrooms smells very tasty and the hot chocolate shoots your down.

There are two cafes of this name in San Diego. Nevertheless, the breakfast is not very popular there. Actually, it looks like the most popular meal of the day in Denver is breakfast. How can you know that? The visiting rate of cafes and restaurants that welcome you for breakfast is high. The Sunday breakfast is mostly popular event for the while family.

The Centennial Tavern

Address: 400 East 20th Ave., Denver

It is said that this tavern is hundred years old. Of course, it is just 6 years old. The name of the tavern came from the nickname of Colorado. As it was said before, the territory of modern Colorado was included in the USA content in 1876, the year of a hundred anniversary of the USA independence. So, the state was named the centurial state. The atmosphere is pleasant and the food is too. The tavern is popular of the variety of sorts of beer. You should try CO Cider Co Grasshop-ah with lemon taste and Denver Beer Co Graham Cracker Porter with the taste of vanilla and chocolate.



Address: 323 14th St., Denver

This is a good place for dinner. The place is hot and hearty with traditional Polish cuisine. The decoration is impressive with many lights, candles, fire places, like a holiday day. The name of this cafe and its special atmosphere makes you smile. You should order the hot beer with honey and raspberry syrup and spices. It is very tasty and colorful. The food is enough spicy and aromatic to never forget.

Grimaldi’s Pizza

Address: 500 16th St., 128, Denver

Do you like pizza? This lovely pizzeria is always good for everyday meal and feast on holidays. It works every day with no days off. You probably cannot find it in the touristic guide. Nevertheless, the place is worth visiting. The pizza is very tasty. The dough is very slim and dry. The pizza is made in the special grilled stove. What about beer? The beer is made according to the local traditions. The pizzeria interior is rather strange and interesting. You can see the big lamps made of empty wine bottles.

pizza 002

Wynkoop Brewery

Address: 1634 18th St., Denver

Denver is a city where people like beer. Do you like beer? If you like it, welcome to Wynkoop. This is a popular brew house with the big history. The amount of sorts of beer is huge. This is also your chance to see and learn how to make the beer. The food is also not bad, no better than beer. So, this is a place not for breakfast or dinner, but for tasting beer.

Little Man Ice Cream

Address: 2620 16th St., Denver

It does not matter what season you chose for your trip to Denver, summer or winter. It is necessary to taste ice-cream. Welcome to the Little Man Ice Cream to try interesting ice-cream. The cafe is not indoor but outdoor. If you decoded to stay there in the evening, it may be cold. Do you like eating ice-cream outdoors? It is good in summer, but not in winter. The way out is near here, it is called Starbucks! Actually, there is always a chance to buy ice-cream and go to eat it in the nearest Starbucks. By the way, you can fund Starbucks in Denver on every step. You may think that Denver is the motherland of Starbucks!

It must be really strange to eat cold ice-cream in cold weather. One way or another, the ice-cream cafe is opened any season, hot or cold.

Ice cream @ Fredericton

Do not be afraid to look strange in Denver. Denver is already strange place. For example, this is the city where you can buy marihuana absolutely legal. You can find a lot of bill boards over the city that inform you the phone numbers and address where you can buy it. Speaking about alcohol, the situation is different. You cannot buy alcohol drink in the supermarket or food shop. There are special shops over the city that are legal alcohol suppliers. This fact is confusing for the most of tourists.

Do not be surprised and try to learn the information about one or another state of the USA where you go in details. There are 17 states where you can buy alcohol freely. The rest of the country states are limited in selling light or hard alcohol drinks to organize sales just from the specialized shops.

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