How To Raise Weight In A Healthy Way

How To Raise Weight In A Healthy Way

Most often, the people who wish to lose weight are, but it is true that there are many others that are quite difficult to get just the opposite, i.e., weight gain. With these tips you can always make a few kilos in a healthy way and get that healthy weight to help you have a much better health.

Eating Healthy Fats

A very bad habit is to advise people who are very thin which attempt to consume all kinds of excess fat, but the truth is that a person who has trouble catching kilos does not suit you at all consume fats that are harmful because besides not make them gain weight, it will affect their health.

Therefore it is recommended to consume each day an abundance of healthy fats that can be achieved in vegetable oils such as olive oil or coconut oil. They can also be found in nuts, especially walnuts and pine nuts; in avocado; in oily fish like salmon or tuna


When giving advice to lose weight what is usually recommended fine dining light. But in this case there may be recommended very heavy dinner as it would be harmful to the liver and for the rest, but you can choose foods that contain healthy fats like those that have been mentioned above and especially, do not skip dinner never.

How To Raise Weight In A Healthy Way

A Cocktail of Vitamins

Fasting should be taken every morning a glass of fresh juice in which you want to include a small tablespoon of wheat germ, soy lecithin and finally spoon honey is of good quality. This cocktail is well loaded with vitamins, he will get to be gaining some weight in a gradual manner.

You need to Eat Several Times a Day

It is essential that you do not skip any meals and try to eat something both mid-morning and mid-afternoon as a handful of fruit and nuts, for example, a banana milkshake, a glass of milk with honey, a snack, etc.

Beware Nerves

There are many people whose nervous disposition are very active and can not achieve rest for a moment, not realizing that this would increase the speed of your metabolism preventing weight gain. This type of people are advised to take everything with a little more calm, a rest day or even take a nap, and if necessary, eat some kind of supplement that is natural as passionflower, lime, lemon balm.

You need to Sleep Well

Enough sleep and it is also essential for the body to get your perfect weight. Whether missing sleep like abound, not convenient because at night is when the body is balanced and regenerated. For this reason, if you suffer from insomnia should be treated in a natural way to prioritize sleep.

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