The Merits and Defects Of Bamboo Furniture

Except bamboo chair, bamboo mat, the common bamboo furniture people often seen also include bamboo flooring, bamboo end table, bamboo sofa and dining furniture made of bamboo etc. Bamboo furniture is a burgeoning low-carbon industry. As bamboo has short growth cycle, high hardness, excellent tenacity and do not need to plant, it is ideal substitute material for wood from environmental protection, durability and comfort level.

The spring up of bamboo furniture is a key point for energy conservation and environmental protection in furniture industry. Bamboo furniture is the ideal replacement for solid wood furniture. Then what are the merits and defects of bamboo furniture?

The Merits of Bamboo Furniture:

1. Bamboo furniture is chemical contaminant free, eco-friendly, good heat absorption capacity, and maintain the natural color of bamboo. Bamboo furniture maintains the unique texture of bamboo. It is harmless to human for special adhesive is used during its productive process.

2. Bamboo has unique natural grain, which give people the feeling of plain, simple, elegant and fresh.

3. Bamboo has the feature of warm in winter and cool in summer. For the moisture absorption and heat absorption performance of bamboo, it can absorb heat in scorching summer and bring warm to people in cool winter.

4. Bamboo is regenerative source and has short growth cycle. Bamboo furniture is popular choice for people advocating environmental protection concept.

5. Bamboo furniture has the function of absorbing ultraviolet light, which is little-known. It can prevent shortsightedness and comfort people’s eye.

6. Bamboo has sound insulation function. It can create quiet living environment for people.

7. Glued laminated bamboo wood can prevent worm damage and mildew effectively. Glued laminated bamboo wood must have hydrothermal carbonization treatment during productive process, this make its finished product have good sealing.

8. Bamboo furniture has good physical and mechanical properties compared with wooden furniture. Therefore, under the same bearing capacity, new type glued laminated bamboo wood furniture component can satisfy the strength requirement in smaller size, which make bamboo furniture is lighter and handier in integral shape. This can better show the aesthetic feeling of bamboo’s rigidity and strength.

9. New type glued laminated bamboo wood furniture lay stress on simple style, extend and smooth line, diversify function. It satisfies the different needs of customer on diversified style by multiple use of material and rich color. Besides, new type glued laminated bamboo wood furniture can integrate with architecture design and interior design. It has the function of integrating space.

Defects of bamboo furniture

1 Worm damage and decay

Bamboo furniture satisfies the requirement of environmental protection on both product and manufacturing process. But as bamboo contains cellulose, hemicellulose, lignin, sugar, fat, protein etc, which is the nourishment of moth and ant insect, so worm damage is key problem for bamboo furniture maintenance. The decay of bamboo furniture is mainly caused by fungus. Under poor ventilation condition, bamboo is easy to decay. After worm damage and decay, the tissue of bamboo is damaged and decayed, which have direct effect on its strength and durability. Learn more bamboo furniture maintenance tips here.

2 deform and seasoning crack

Bamboo is easy to absorb water and have seasoning crack. Moist environment will cause deform and decay. Dry environment will lead to seasoning crack.

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