5 Best Personal Watercraft Accessories

Sometimes there is nothing better than being able to go out on your personal watercraft (PWC) and enjoy the water by yourself, with no huge boat to maneuver around. However, PWCs also have some problems of their own. To alleviate some of these problems, the marine industry has created a plethora of accessories for PWCs in a host of different areas. If you are looking to expand your collection of gizmos and gadgets for your PWC, you have come to the right place.

Dry Pak Cases

In today’s world, electronics are a necessity of life (at least Western life, that is.) If you want to take your camera or phone on the ride with you, but you’re afraid of water damage, Dry Pak cases are just what you need. The cases are generally smaller and are made for only one item. They seal shut to keep the your electronics dry in and the water out. They also include a lanyard that is adjustable for your convenience.

Anchor Kit

A problem that often comes up when riding on PWCs is the inability to stop wherever you want and just hang out. Unlike a boat, it’s uncommon for PWC owners to carry an anchor on them wherever they go. However, with an abundance of different anchor kits out there, this is no longer much of problem. These anchors are generally collapsible, include a holding bag, and take up a little bit more room in the hull of the PWC. With this kit, you can stop anywhere in the water and not have to worry about floating away.


If your PWC is your pride and joy, or if you just spend a big chunk of money on it, you may want to consider getting some bumpers. These bumpers are quick and easy to attach and prevent scratches and gouges that can come from being tied to a dock. With the bumpers, you won’t have to worry about your PWC getting tied up, even if the water is rough that day.

Mooring Arms

If bumpers aren’t quite high tech enough for you, or if you want a more permanent way to dock your boat, mooring arms can be a good option. Although they are a bit pricey, these guarantee that your PWC will be safe in its harbor, but still in a convenient place for when it’s time to ride. These arms extend out from the dock and secure your PWC at arms length from the dock, while moving with the tide and waves.

These are obviously just a few of the hundreds of accessories offered for PWCs and their owners. The PWC world has everything from high-end ropes to waterproof ear buds, and the industry is always working to make your ride as enjoyable as possible. If you are interested in purchasing additional accessories, consult your local marine shop to discover the best options for your wants and needs.

Written by Carey Wooldrige, owner of Yacht Club Powersports. Based out of the Lake of the Ozarks, Yacht Club Powersports is one of the leading SeaDoo dealers Missouri has to offer! They also carry a great selection of Can Am ATV’s and Motorcycles!

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