5 Forms Of Entertainment For Your Event

Want to hold the next event that people will reminisce about for years to come? How do you do that? Hiring the right entertainment is one of the main factors of having a successful event. Here are some suggestions on the kind of entertainment that will make your event memorable.


This is one of the most obvious forms of entertainment for any event. The difference between a good and a bad DJ is huge. You can either have guests sitting at the table yawning or up on the dance floor! A good DJ can gauge the atmosphere and know how to turn the mood around.


Don’t think you can only hire a magician for kids’ birthday parties. Everyone loves a good magician! Just not the one who takes a packet of cards to the clubs. Having something to watch is great for guests, as it means they can have a break from small talk to people they might not know. It also provides a topic for discussion.

Photo Booth

This is the most trending of trends at the moment. No event would be complete without a photo booth hire! It seems like every event I’ve been to has had a photo booth! From weddings to birthday parties to corporate events! People love taking selfies, hence why photo booth hire are so popular. Your guests will also get to keep the photos as a keepsake of your event. Photo booths are also a great idea to promote your brand at a product launch. You can have the photo strips designed with your company logo. Most people will put their photos on their fridge and be looking at it for years to come! Many photo booth hire companies offer props to make it more fun. Goofing around with the props and holding funny poses can really break the ice at a party.


The next time you need an MC at a party, why not find a comedic one? Hiring a professional stand up might just be the next thing. Guests can enjoy a heap of laughs, it changes the mood of a party and they can guide the night from one thing to the next. It doesn’t matter how well planned an event is. If there are no surprises then guests will lose their attention. Having a comedian means having someone who knows how to reengage the audience.

Flare Bar Tender

If you need to hire a bar tender anyway, why not make a show of it? How exciting would it be to watch your bar tender juggle bottles of alcohol while making you the best cocktail of your life. Super cool I will say! However, this will depend greatly on the size of your party. You can’t have 500 people lining up for drinks all at the same time. Where would the world be without liquor as a social lubricant?

These are just a few suggestions of forms of entertainment you can have at your next event. At the end of the day it is all about having fun! The most important thing is making sure your guests are comfortable and that you’re all having a good time!

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