Great Ideas for a College Graduation Party

After the formalities for college graduation and graduates have been awarded their diplomas and certificates, now is time to forget about your gown and caps and take a break by enjoying your graduation party freely.

It has always been a culture for most graduates to throw a graduation party before heading to the real world. Therefore, to make your graduation memorable, you need some of these great graduation ideas, decorations, food, and activities.

Create a Photo Booth

Setting up a photo booth for your graduation party is always a vital tool to make your graduation fun and memorable. You will capture the best moments with your peers being a little silly and document and save the images forever.

You can choose to either build up your booth or rent it. If you have decided to build it from scratch, ensure you have a DIY photo backdrop where you will pose for the photo. You can also hold some photo booth props that congratulate you.

Have an Open Bar With a Bartender

Making memorable experiences with your peers is important. Forget about the uncomfortable times in college; at a graduation party, you do not want to bring out school topics or legal issues. It is important to set up an open bar with a bartender who will mix a fantastic cocktail for the team. Don’t forget the San Simeon Wines for your guests. Include some non-alcoholic drinks as well. Ensure your refrigerator is fully stocked behind the bar.

Use Hashtag for Your Bash

In this digital age, most of your adults use social media a lot, be it for gathering or anything that seems to interest them. Young adults tend to post what they are doing. Therefore, for your graduation party, you can consider having a hashtag so they can use it when posting and updating their crowd. It’s also important to down track your event or make it a trend.

Livestream Your Graduation Party

You can also use live streaming as a social media platform to engage other non-attendants. You will air out some portions of your graduation party. You can edit some parts of the video and only capture the captivating times. You can also engage your viewers with activities such as dance that are trending on TikTok, or maybe make them give speeches and games related to parties.

Choose a Theme

Your graduation needs to be captivating and memorable; therefore, make it stand out by decorating with your desired school or future college colors. It would be best if you also decorated where the event will be held with balloons, streamers, and flowers using a common color.

Create an Outdoor Buffet

Graduation without food can be dull because the event needs to be engaging. People will use a lot of energy in activities and games. These games will drain their energy; therefore, having a set of food like sandwiches, taco-in-a-bag, and pulled pork will be nice. Also, your graduation needs to be interactive; ensure to set up an outdoor event; you don’t want your graduation party boring late at night because it’s an indoor event.

Add Chalkboard Photo Backdrop

Creating a unique chalkboard photo backdrop is one way of becoming creative in setting up your graduation party. You will create opportunities for your guests to have background props for posing. You can also leave a stick of chalk and eraser for the next person taking the photo to design a prop that is of their preference.

Use Large Balloons

One way of creating a live mood for your graduation party is by setting up a large balloon with the color and theme of the graduation party. It would be best if you created a unique venue to place them or use the balloons as a photo setup session arena for your visitors.

Design a Gift Table

A designated area is always important for the graduate to have where he will receive gifts from the guests. Therefore, ensure that you organize the designated area and make it attractive. Your guests can use the table to sign the guest book; this will help you to know who attended your graduation party and thank them.

Decoration of the Backyard With Lighting

If the graduation party venue is outside, you can consider designing your backyard with lights; this will make the event lively and also for security reasons at night. Use white or mute yellow lights, occasionally used in graduation parties as the theme of the event. Playing with light colors change the surrounding; therefore, do not hesitate to try it at your graduation party.


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