Steps To File Your Two Wheeler Insurance Claim

Buying a vehicle is one of the biggest assets that a person can buy for himself. It is a very courageous task to purchase it with your hard earned money. The experience of the acquisition of a vehicle of your choice is inexpressive.

However, on the same side, it is also vital to get your vehicle insured. Get it insured for its protection and safety.

Since your vehicle is quite an expensive thing, you must get it insured so that in the case of any accident that damages it there is a claim policy that you can always look forward to and take your claim.

If your vehicle is damaged because of an accident and your vehicle is insured by any of the insurance companies then taking a claim is not a tedious task at all. All you have to do is to follow a particular procedure.

There is a proper two wheeler insurance claim process that helps you in getting your claim quickly.

Steps To File Your Two Wheeler Insurance Claim

So, there are two sorts of methods under this process

  • Cashless method

  1. Intimate the claim

You can immediately call up your insurance company or email them. They will register your claim and provide you with a registration number that can be used for future reference.

Following is the information that you need to provide to speed up with your claim process:

  1. Contact number

  2. Your policy number, vehicle number, the cover note number, engine number, etc.

  3. The exact date and time of the vehicle loss

  4. Location where the vehicle was lost/damaged

  5. The extent and nature of loss

  6. In case, you can specify the kind of injury

  1. Take your vehicle to the respective garage for repair

The documents that are required to be taken to the garage are:

  1. Claim form, it should be filled and apparently signed by the insured

  2. Photocopy of your R/C and make sure that is self-attested and also carry the original one for verification

  3. The above point applies for the driving license as well, same self-attested photocopy as well as the original one

  4. A request letter if you want to avail the cashless facility at a particular garage

  1. Settlement of the claim

  1. The Surveyor shall inspect the vehicle present at the garage; this will be done in one working day and after that, the spot approval will be given

  2. After the repair completion, your vehicle will be released only when you are satisfied with the repair process

  3. If your insurance company has a tie up with any of a particular garage and you get your vehicle serviced at that garage, then the settlement will be done by the insurance company itself

  • Reimbursement Method

The same steps that are mentioned above for the cashless method are followed in the reimbursement process. The difference is in the claim settlement. Let’s see what exactly the difference is:

You get your vehicle repaired at a particular garage of your choice. After the vehicle repair process is completed you can claim for the reimbursement.

The accident is notified to the insurance company and the surveyor has taken checked the two wheeler then all that you need to do is submit the original invoice of repair and also the payment receipt. This can be done via courier or post, or you can also give it in person.

The reimbursement shall be done within 10-15 working days as soon as you submit the required invoices.

So, now you can easily claim your two wheeler insurance without any hassles.

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