What Information Should I Have Available For My Whiplash Claim?

When you make a claim for whiplash compensation, you will need to have certain information at hand to help your solicitor better understand the nature of the accident. This information is going to help your solicitor determine your eligibility for personal injury compensation and based on similar cases, help your solicitor to provide an estimated payout figure.

If you are considering making a whiplash claim, it’s beneficial to have this information at hand not only to assist your solicitor, but to quicken the claim process and to increase the chances of your claim being a success. Cases are built on facts, and the information you have available is going to be used to form an early case that will later be backed up by a medical examination.

Before you contact a law firm to discuss whiplash compensation, it’s recommended that you have the following information available:

·         The date and time of the accident;

·         Where the accident happened;

·         How the accident happened;

·         The police report of the accident (if applicable);

·         Eye-witness statements (if applicable);

·         Any medical examination report from your GP or from hospital treatment.

As long as you have the above information at hand, your solicitor will be able to start the claim process for compensation. However, your solicitor will need more information in order to process your claim successfully. This information will likely include:

·         A medical examination report/ doctor’s certificate organised by your solicitor;

·         Loss of earnings information;

·         Receipt records and expense records as a result of your injury.

All of which will be ascertained after the claim process has started.

When it comes to whiplash claims, the estimated payout is largely determined by the severity (grade) of your whiplash and the estimated recovery time, as well as your prognosis for the future and the acceleration of any pre-existing conditions. We are able to advise you on thepayout average for whiplash claims. As long as your injury was the result of an accident that was somebody else’s fault, you have the right to make a claim for compensation under UK law, and a law firm will be able to assist you in the claim process.

If you are the victim of whiplash and believe you have all of the information needed to kick-start a claim for compensation, discuss your case with Accident Advice Helpline today. Call our 24/7 Advice line for free on 0800 689 0500 or from your mobile on 0333 500 0993.

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