Recent Trends In GPS Fleet Management

GPS fleet tracking makes use of the global positional system or GPS technology to locate, identify, and manage several assets and vehicles in real time. Movement, mileage, data travelled by vehicle, location and many other factors are easily gathered through GPS tracking systems. It is widely used by plenty of companies to increase their fleet safety, compliance and efficiency. Companies are looking for the newest GPS fleet tracking management trends to reduce fuel consumption, improve driver routes, enhanced job management and many other purposes. GPS fleet tracking software is also used by many companies to offer better-quality customer service by enhancing delivery times, driver-dispatch communication, drive time, compliance, safety and much more. Some of the recent trends made in GPS fleet management system are:

  • Smartphone and Tablet Integration:

GPS management systems are now easily available for tablets and smartphones. This ability permits fleet managers to access details on vehicle diagnostics, vehicle tracking and hence get job dispatch information at their fingertips instantly. Thus, you can take real-time decisions regarding your fleet even when your drivers are far away from office. The fleet manager can also control various activities like reducing poor driving habits of driver, decrease the accident rate due to high speed, reduce fuel costs and vehicle maintenance costs, as well.

  • Social Media Integration:

Several businesses are making use of GPS fleet management systems to make their customer aware of the exact location of their vehicle. The fleet management systems assist in locating the exact location of fleet vehicles, then reporting this information through social media like Facebook and twitter. GPS tracking companies update the real time GPS location and other data to the social media site so that followers can easily access vehicle details. Integrating the GPS Management system with the asocial media sites assists customers in knowing the location of their vehicle easily and quickly.

  • Video Reporting:

Most fleet tracking companies make use of video reporting technology to show the unsafe driving habits carried out by drivers such as hard breaking, rapid acceleration and speeding. These are not the only driver behaviors that lead to crashes.   Drivers can also be unfocused by plenty of things from   sandwiches to cell phones.  Everything comes in the form of video so that the fleet managers can easily find the cause for unforeseen accidents created by the accused drivers. Moreover, videos are also quite useful in training drivers to practice safe driving. You can view almost each and every event carried out by the driver through the fleet camera.

  • Effortless Customer Access:

Several businesses are adopting GPS management systems, in place of their existing systems, to improve customer service.. These companies are permitting their customers to get in touch their GPS management system directly in order to identify the vehicle location, their service needs, delivery and more. Even small businesses are now becoming more and more convenient and comfortable through GPS (not sure what this sentence means? tracking management system. It offers them the ability to view hours of service, fuel taxes, safety, improve compliance, driver vehicle inspection and accountability scores.

The Fleetmatics author offers useful ideas on recent trends taking place in the GPS tracking software industry. It also assists the fleet drivers and managers to take care of their vehicle in secure way. The author has pointed out some new ideas to make the fleet owners aware of these new GPS tracking trends.

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