5 Ways In Which A Pet Can Improve Your Health

5 Ways In Which A Pet Can Improve Your Health

Although the modern world often tries to convince us otherwise, the truth is that most human beings feel good around animals, and especially around domesticated pets such as dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, guinea pigs, etc. Alongside that feel-good factor, there are good reasons to believe that the right pet can actually help us live a healthier life. In case you are not convinced about the last part yet, here are five reasons why it’s true.


Studies have shown that the simple act of playing or cuddling with your furry friend can essentially lower stress by reducing blood cortisol levels and boosting serotonin at the same time. Aside from the physical effects, the very act of being in the company of a creature that loves you unconditionally and shows his/her affection as well is pure mental bliss. The physiological and psychological effect together turns pets into living antidepressants!

Dogs Can Make You Fitter

If you have a dog, it will need some daily play time, preferably outside in the yard or in a park, and that’s probably one of the most joyful ways to get in some physical exercise. It’s a great way to get even people with sedentary lifestyles to work out and burn some serious calories. If you already have a fit lifestyle and you want a running partner, we suggest that you get a Corgi or a terrier. It has been found that people with active dogs generally have lowered triglyceride and LDL cholesterol levels and, consequently, better heart health.

Pets Can Reduce Anxiety Levels

Talking to your pet bird, playing with your cat, or just watching your dogs play with or around you, is a proven way to de-stress the mind and reduce anxiety levels. There’s a reason why more and more offices around the world are adopting office pets; they are excellent for busting stress and anxiety in any place.

Kids Grow Up Stronger with Pets

It might seem counterintuitive, as the general tendency is to keep small children away from pets in fear of allergies, but the truth is in sharp contrast to this theory. Kids that grow up in farms or have a lot of pets at home are generally the ones with the strongest immune systems and fewer allergies than most other children. Of course, the pets will still need the necessary shots to keep everyone healthy, but as long as that’s taken care of, pets do pave the way for healthier kids!

The only thing you need to make sure is that you know enough about the pet that you are planning to get. Take the time out to do a bit of research on the types of pet birds or dog breeds to understand which one would be right for your personal living conditions and situation. While most pets are lovable creatures, a clash between the needs of the owner and the pet is often what leads to tragic abandonment of the latter, once the initial wow factor clears up.

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