Top 5 Common Mistakes A Writer Should Avoid

Top 5 Common Mistakes A Writer Should Avoid

Whether you are aspiring to be an author or are already established, there are a few mistakes that are common to many writers when it comes to publishing a book. These mistakes could be about how to write, which publisher to approach and even what to expect from the publishers.

Leading book publishers in India often judge the proposals on various grounds these few tips should be kept in mind while writing your first draft. Here are top 5 mistakes which should be avoided while publishing with professional education, English or academic book publishers in India.

Complex Sentences

This is the most common mistake made by many academic book writers. Though academic writing includes complex thinking, but the writing needs to be clear. The goal of academic writing is to help the learners gain knowledge from the book, which is possible only when ideas are communicated in clear, simple language.

To get accepted as an academic writer, you should try to simplify your writing without sacrificing the quality of the content. The easiest way to cross-check your work is to read the sentences again to eliminate unnecessary words or sentences. You should think like a reader and see if your ideas or theories are easily understood as you expect your readers to.

Not Spending Enough Time on the Cover Copy

Cover copy is the content that includes a paragraph or two on the back of the paperback consumer edition of the book. While some publishers will assist authors with a short blurb, no one can write it better than the author because of the subject matter expertise.

Approaching Editors at a Professional Meeting or Conference

Conferences are a great platform to establish contact with the editors of leading publishing houses but it may not be advised to discuss a book proposal at length at such events. An ice breaker which leads to a more natural flow of thoughts towards the topic of your book will have a better impression on the editors.

Not Sending Proposal to Multiple Publishers

Many writers send their proposals to just one or two publishing houses and keep waiting for the response. The right idea is to send your proposal to multiple publishers. You can first make a list of reputed publishing houses offering services in your domain and then approach them with your proposal.

Spending a Lot on the Marketing

Undoubtedly, marketing and promotion of a book are important to create awareness among the readers and the booksellers. After completing your book, first you need to find the right publisher which specializes in certain genre like a children’s or education or academic book publishers in India and then seek their marketing support along with the editorial and publishing support. Most of the reputed book publishers assist their writers in marketing of books as it is a win-win for both publishers as well as the authors.

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