What To Wear This Fall – 7 Fashion Trends To Look Out For

What To Wear This Fall - 7 Fashion Trends To Look Out For

Fall is the time when you can make a fashion statement without much effort. However, the last thing you want to experience is an unfortunate ‘style’ mistake. Well, we can see a cloud of concern pass over you. But there’s nothing to worry about.

No, you don’t have to blame the season for your fashion disasters. Trust us, we are here to solve all your styling problems. This post will redefine your wardrobe choices, and you surely won’t regret the results.

To ensure that your fashion game is on, we have come up with the hottest fashion trends you need to look out for. Have a look:

  • Plaid

Keep an eye out for all things plaid this fall.  Of course, these patterns look good all year round, but they’re perfect for fall and winter.

The power of plaid is its versatility. In fact, it is our favorite fall staple. Do you know how easy it is to style your plaid shirt?

No, we are not referring to the 90’s grunge since that is what plaid has become synonymous with. We are in fact talking about the 70’s bright plaid. In addition to shirts, designers are using this pattern a lot to carve statement pants, classic coats, and even formal gown out it.

  • Furs but Vintage Inspired

Unlike the last year’s furs and frills, this year’s harvest is all about basics. Vintage inspired coats with a touch of the classic are in fashion this season, and you need to grab one too to complete the ‘fall’ look.

  • The Colors to Dress in

Bright, bold red is the color for fall. The runways this season were full of reds. From coats and dresses to monochromatic looks, red is now officially the color of fall, 2017. Brown is in too but not your everyday shade of brown. This fall is all about that chocolate brown shade everyone used to go gaga over especially back in the 90’s. We can say that chocolate brown is the new black!

  • Boots, Belts, and Hats to Look for

Do you remember the insanely popular trend of pairing everything up with a wide belt a few seasons ago? What can we say! It is back and with a bang.

Chunkier belts are here to conquer the fashion scene and are in all the right proportions too. Love them or loathe them, you just can’t ignore them! So why not wear the chicest wide belts to redefine your style statement?

As for the boots, congratulations to the lovers of all things shiny. Glitterati boots are the white foot of this fall. From the knee-high ones to the barely touching the ankle ones, boots this season are all about sparkle and shine.

Like the rest of us, if you are also tired of beanies then here is good news for you all; they are not in fashion anymore. Instead, keep an eye out for those lovely vintage bucket hats and brimmed caps.

  • Fishnets are in

Fishnet stockings are going to be the talk of the town this fall and not just on Instagram. Designers have brought their touch of innovation and denim jeans are not the only pairing you can go for with fishnets. They are being paired with schoolboy blazers as well as with feminine dresses. Moreover, fishnet is being worn underneath the sleeveless shirts to make quite stylish sleeves. You have got to buy a fishnet product to get your fall style noticed.

  • Vintage Floral

Fall might not be lively, but you can lighten that air up by wearing vintage floral prints. No, you won’t look the odd one out, because they are the thing this fall.

Designers have taken a liking to the floral prints, and they are doing fantastic stuff with them. Whether you are looking for a casual tank top or a semi-formal princess-gown to wear at a fancy party, vintage floral prints are here to save your day!

  • Leather Jackets

Finally, leather jackets perhaps are the hottest trend this fall. Whether you opt for the short biker style ones or the ones with a long-belted coat look, these jackets are a must buy this season. They are not just great to keep you warm but also make you look all sleek and stylish. Pair your cute leather jackets with jeans and boots, and you are good to go!

By now, you must have an idea of what to wear this fall. Follow these fashion trends, and you are sure to make a lot of heads turn this season!

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