Permanent Make Up – Is It For You?

If you are the type of girl that keeps up with the trends, loves her fashion, tracks all the new products in hair and make up, then semi-permanent make up has probably already hit your radar. For glamour that doesn’t fade and doesn’t require any work after the initial inking, tattoo make up is pretty hard to beat. Whether it’s for bold and beautiful brows that make you look like a Goddess, seductive feline peepers with permanent eyeliner or gorgeous lips shaped to perfection, in expert hands the tattooist’s needle works beauty-magic.

But is it for you? Tattoo make up doesn’t suit everyone. The permanence of tattoo make-up is both its unique selling point and its deal breaker – the idea of having fantastic make-up that lasts for ages is so seductive. But what if you don’t like it? What then?

It’s a tough call and only you honestly know if it would work for you. But the decision is always made so much easier when you find a semi-permanent make up practitioner that is professional, skilled, experienced, endorsed and recommended by many satisfied customers and puts you at your ease.

Permanent Make Up – Is It For You?

When it is your face under the tattooist’s needle, it is essential to do your research. First up, do not economise – avoid cheap deals or anything that seems like a real bargain. You get what you pay for in the world of permanent make-up, so find out what the going rate is for what you want, then start saving up. It is advisable to use established names in the field, those who have built up a solid reputation for good work and repeat business. The equipment in the sterile treatment room should be up to date and techniques should be the latest best practice, too.

The pigments used in make up tattoos are different from those used in traditional body tattoos. As with any procedure of this kind, an allergy test should be performed prior to treatment.

If the worst happens and you are unhappy with the results of tattoo make-up, in the Liverpool area you can get help. For semi-permanent make-up correction Wirral is the place to go, at Bluebell Aesthetics they may be able to reverse the damage caused by unsatisfactory treatments. With semi-permanent make-up correction Wirral based Bluebell Aesthetics can give advice, suggest solutions and may be able to improve the appearance of badly executed tattoo make up. Contact them for a consultation as they are more than happy to help in such situations if they can.

Okay, so that’s all the serious stuff dealt with. Now let’s take a plunge into the wonderful, glamorous world of tattoo make-up and what it can do to make us feel gorgeous.


A pair of well defined, perfectly arched eyebrows can do wonderful things to your face. Suddenly, your eyes will appear larger, more open and beautiful. Framing your eyes with a well balanced set of bling-brows can take years off you. Brows that have been over-enthusiastically plucked often have a straggly, thin look that detracts from the rest of your features. Once these brows are coloured in the correct pigment to compliment your skin tone, the transformation is miraculous. It is wise to choose lighter more subtle styles at first, you don’t want to look like you have thick, heavy caterpillar brows. Lighter brush strokes look more natural – think hard about the shape you want beforehand. Too arched and you’ll look permanently surprised, too flat and you’ll look like you’re glowering. An experienced practitioner knows how to get the right balance, but it’s good to have an idea of the style you want beforehand.

Eye say!

Upward flicks at the corner of the eyes are a popular permanent eyeliner technique many women are choosing. When applied well this type of tattoo looks stunning. If you like to go au naturel sometimes, you should probably choose a more low-key treatment. There are several pretty and complimentary ways of using permanent eyeliner that open up your peepers and augment their shape beautifully.

Luscious Lips

Having your lip line redefined with a permanent tattoo is a wonderful way of rejuvenating your appearance. Look super-kissable with a technique that plumps up your mouth without the use of fillers. It is possible to add natural colour inside the line too, choose soft shades that fit in with your complexion.

So, is permanent make-up for you? After the initial consultation, give yourself time to reflect. If after a time you still want to go ahead, then pick up the phone and dial. Soon your eyebrow pencil, eyeliner and lip pen will all be consigned to history…

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