Top 8 Reasons To Keep Your Body Moisturized

Top 8 Reasons to Keep Your Body Moisturized

Moisturizing your body helps to keep your skin hydrated, clear, smooth, and free from wrinkles. Skin portrays the state of your body’s overall health; it shows when you are dehydrated by being dry, dull and scaly. Include moisturizing in your regimen to have the best perfect skincare routine ever. Here are some facts that will give you a reason to keep your body moisturized.

1. To reduce the chances of skin problems

Many skin problems such as acne, pops out when your skin is too dry or oily. To prevent this, you need to keep your skin moisturized. Moisture helps to maintain your skin in a balanced state. It helps it to shed off the dead cells by boosting its self-repair process. This allows the growth and development of new cells. Moisturizers contain soothing ingredients that help in soothing irritated skin. They form a barrier that helps to keep irritants such as allergens and dryness at bay. Dry skin is prone to tiny skin openings that result from cracking.

2. To reduce the appearance of blemishes and wrinkles

Moisturizing creates a healthy sheen on your skin. This prevents the appearance of blemishes and wrinkles and evens out the already present ones. Dry skin gives room to acne and zits pop-ups, which puts blemishes on your skin. Wrinkles are natural aging signs, but they may appear at an early stage to those with dry skin. This is because your skin’s barrier is compromised. Skin dryness leads to low-grade chronic inflammation that leads to collagen breakdown and accelerated wrinkles formation. Moisture plumps your skin making it firm and appear tighter thus hindering wrinkles from forming. Some moisturizing products have some tint of self-tanner that works with all the skin types. Remember to apply a moisturizer that works for your skin type.

4. To restore and seal in moisture

Your skin loses moisture throughout the day, especially after a shower. Hot shower strips off moisture from your skin. Moisturizing prevents your skin from drying all day long by adding moisture as well as sealing the one that you already have.

5. To prevent dullness and flakiness

Providing your skin with the proper amount of moisture enables it to have a healthy glow. Lack of moisture makes your complexion to appear dull and flaky. Mostly during cold seasons, humidity levels plummet. This compromises your protective layer leading to redness and flaking caused by irritants which find their way into your skin easily.

6. To have a flawless makeup

It is important to hydrate your skin before applying your makeup. Moisturizing is a must-do step in a perfect skincare routine. This is because it enhances a flawless appearance of your makeup. It prevents your makeup from clumping up in some areas and from forming creases.

7. To protect from the elements

Natural elements such as snow, harsh wind or sun take a toll on your skin. Dry cold air strips moisture from your skin leaving it dry. This can lead to cracking and bleeding. The summer sun can also deprive moisture of your skin. Dry air dehydrates your skin and strips of its lipids. It is necessary to protect your skin from these elements by keeping it moisturized throughout regardless of where you are. Having fun on the beach, swimming in the waters, and enjoying the white sand, feels awesome. However, going to the beach can do more harm than good to your skin. Salty water and fine sand take a toll on your skin. They leave your skin completely dehydrated. For this reason, there is a need to apply a moisturizer before and after going to the beach. You should also apply a sunscreen to prevent your skin from damage caused by the sun rays.

8. To repair and heal your skin after shaving

Shaving leaves your skin in a more sensitive state. Shaving skin often looks excessively dry and in some instances, you may have a layer of noticeable dead skin cells that appear to be white in color. Moisture is necessary to bring back a healthy skin.


Dry skin is not healthy, a factor that makes it not to heal itself from common skin injuries such as exposure to sun rays, harsh chemicals, free radicles, etc. Moisturizing will enable your skin to repair itself from the hustles it faces every day. You can retain and enhance your body’s moisture by drinking plenty of water, taking a lot of fruits and use of moisturizing products. You need to be very careful when it comes to moisturizing products; use noncomedogenic products that are free from oil and fragrances.

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