Apple iWatch Is Expected To Solve The Annoying Problem Where Others Have Failed

Apple iWatch Is Expected To Solve The Annoying Problem Where Others Have Failed

Apple smart iwatch has a lot of new features, may be able to solve the annoying problem of today’s smart watches. However, due to current information is still relatively limited, so the actual effect how, but wait for the final release of the product.

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Apple’s first smart watch seems to be the best year of similar products, but there is still some lack of clarity in the user experience.

I have tried most of the other smart watches are very bulky, ugly, and to be honest, a lot of not so smart. But Apple has just released Apple iWatch is very stylish, all reflect the designer’s good intentions, and highly customizable, advanced technology, the entire product is seamless, always highlights the “smart” word. In other words, it looks too great.

But because I cannot comprehensive assessment of its full functionality, so the current rating is limited to the “looks” great. Although Tuesday along with two new iPhone release, but Apple did not open Apple Watch finished to reporters. In addition to announcing the launch outside in early 2015, Apple has not announced details.

Apple will offer three versions of Apple Watch: one for sports fans launched aluminum body, a stainless steel body adopts a more classic, there is a use of the stylish 18K gold body. The price of the lowest priced $ 349 version, although apparently the price is not cheap, but for a wide range of uses everyday devices, is not really expensive.

Apple iWatch Is Expected To Solve The Annoying Problem Where Others Have Failed

Apple watch will be available in two sizes (38 mm and 42 mm), which is obviously good news for smaller wrists people. Small size version of my wrist is a little heavy, a little thick, but not uncomfortable place, obviously better than the other smart watches effect. Its display is bright and colorful, sapphire protection, harder than glass, and therefore less prone to scratches, but also less likely to shatter.

Apple apparently wearable technology for human-computer interaction to start a lot of careful thinking. Apple Watch has a touch screen, and when the demonstrators in the above slide with a finger, the effect on the screen is very smooth. The display also has a pressure-sensing feature, you can tell the difference between clicks and presses in order to achieve a more diversified control mode. You can also send microblogging via voice control, write text messages.

Smarter is the side of the turntable rotation can zoom in and out on the map, and switch between different contacts’ photos – it seems to be for navigation operations on a small screen, but without prejudice to the best way to screen vision.

When the trial other smart watches, so I am more distressed various nasty noticing, but Apple is clearly thinking about this issue, and the integration of a new tactile feedback system, thus interfering lower than the standard voice prompts. I tried a sample made, ​Its feels like a gently notify touched wrist. It can be used in many functions, for example, by the watch to let you know when you should turn navigation system prompts to complete the navigation watch or cell phone without a case.

In addition to the challenge of other smart watches outside vendors, Apple iWatch also Fitbit Jawbone other fitness bracelet poses a great threat. It is on the back of the built-in multiple sensors., including PPG sensors. Such techniques can be used to accurately determine the heart rate, body temperature, respiratory rate and other signs of indicators. Apple iWatch Built-in accelerometer, and can take advantage of GPS and WiFi to, understand user activity and calorie consumption.

These sensors can provide more than makes Apple iWatch devices available in the market, more accurate results. These data may also be open to third-party health and fitness applications, and will be summarized feedback to iPhone, and enter the new generation iOS built-Health applications. The new system will be pre-installed iOS 8 new iPhone in September 19 officially-listed, and for existing iPhone in September 17th, iPod Touch and iPad users to publish.

Although it looks very good, but Apple iWatch there are still many unknown factors. Although it looks very bright, but also to regulate, but do not know how to show it in bright light. It is reported that this smart watch can be waterproof, can live one day, but the specific details were not disclosed.

There is a possibility, Apple iWatch assume too many tasks. It can answer the phone, but also through the walkie-talkie function with other Apple Watch user calls (I suspect this is just a trick). Apple provides developers with tools to facilitate developers to develop applications for the smart watch. Apple even announced the new Apple Pay payment features that make iPhone through NFC (Near Field Communication) technology to achieve “no-touch payment”, Apple Watch also compatible with this feature.

Of course, Apple Watch what’s good enough, and the specific use, but also by the user to decide – no one will force you to enable all notifications, answer all incoming calls, or use the wrist finished shopping. And everyone else, I will in the near future to spend after the real Apple iWatch, and then give the final judgment.

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