Career Ideas For People Who Don’t Want to Sit At A Desk

Career Ideas For People Who Don’t Want to Sit At A Desk

Some people believe that life is more than sitting behind a desk every weekday. And if you’re one of them, then your ideal job is one that brings excitement, gets you into the field, and fulfills your sense of a higher calling. It could be skill-based, knowledge-based or technical. Whatever the career, it ignites your passion and fills you with purpose. Here are some career options for you to explore.


Geology is the study of the earth—its structure, composition, and properties.Geologists study the structure, composition, behavior, and characteristics of rocks. They also study phenomena such as Earthquakes, ground vibrations, flood, landslides, etc. and investigate minerals and other valuable substances within the earth. Geologists are never behind a desk, they work in the field or lab. The major fields within geology include:

Engineering Geology:

The study of the mechanical properties of the soil. Engineering geologists investigate the strength and stability of the soil, the position of the water table, and other factors that decide soil’s suitability for various construction projects.

Environmental Geology:

The study of physical phenomena that have environmental impact e.g. earthquakes, faults, landslides, etc. Environmental geologists investigate these occurrences and try to mitigate or warn against it.

Marine Geology:

Marine geology has to do with the study of the ocean floor. Marine geologists study the structure, characteristics, and behavior of landforms under the ocean.

There are several other fields within geology like geomorphology, geophysics, etc. The average income for a geologist depends on the location and earth activities but is around $91,000 a year.


Woodworking is the art and practice of building various products using wood. You may think about hammers and nails when talking about woodworkers, but professionals work with sophisticated machines and advanced equipment. Woodworking professionals work with machines and accessories that demand careful craftsmanship, creativity, versatility, and technical chops. Some machines woodworkers use include routers and router tables, drill presses, lathes, planers, miter gauges, and bench dog tools.

To learn the tricks of the trade, you’ll need machinery yourself. You’ll need a workbench and a router table. A router table is one of the most useful tools for a woodworker. A router table is a specially designed table with a mounted router. The router allows you to make hollow cuts and grooves to shape wood and other materials, while the routing table allows flexibility, allowing you to make otherwise difficult cuts.

The most common and durable routers are made by Bosch and are easy to buy. Once you get a router, you can build your own routing table. You’ll need parts like the featherboard, base plates, clamps, and accessories like a dust port, miter gauge, safety switch, z-bracket for the router power switch, etc.

If you’re lost on how to build one, you can check online for router table reviews to either learn about the components of professional router tables or find the best router table to purchase.

Electrical Repair

An electrician deals with the design, installation, maintenance, and repair of electrical systems. There are several subsections within this field like residential wiremen, telecommunications linemen, and even service repairmen.

Most subsectors fall under inside wiremen and outside linemen. Residential wiremen, i.e. electricians that design and install electrical wires in homes and other residential buildings, are a subset of inside wiremen. While electricians that handle the wiring of telecom towers and poles are outside linemen.

Another subset of inside wiremen is service repairmen. These are technicians that fix appliances like refrigerators, washers, and others. Given the number of people who use electrical appliances, this subset can be lucrative and does not require sitting at a desk. You could offer an appliance repair service by going into business for yourself or joining an existing service.

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