Basic Elements Of A Solar Power System You Should Learn About

Basic Elements Of A Solar Power System You Should Learn About

Solar power system is one of the greatest inventions of today. Not only this system generates electricity from sunlight, but is very simple, effective and durable as well. The best part about this system is that once you install it in your home, all you need to do is just sit and enjoy 24 hours electricity supply in your home without having to worry about ever growing electricity bills. What else would you ask for?

Basic Elements Of A Solar Power System You Should Learn About

What is Solar Power System?

Solar power system is a machine that generates electricity using the natural sunlight. It has PV cells that create energy using the photons that reside in sunlight. When sunlight hits these cells, they absorb the energy present in photons, and then transfer it to the attached semiconductor material. This semiconductor then generates electricity out of this energy.

What are the Types of Solar Power System Available in the Market?

There are many types of solar systems, but all these fall under two categories: thin-film and crystalline silicon. Although thin-film systems are the most researched one, crystalline silicon is the one that has captured 80% of the marketplace due to their durability and ease of use.

What are the Designs Available?

The solar power system is made of a number of components. However, which components you require for your home depends totally on the design of the system you choose to install. Few of the available system types are:

• PV direct system – It is the simplest design available for solar electric systems. This design includes just a few components to generate electricity.
• Off grid system – It is the most common one used in remote locations. The best part about this system is it can work anywhere and is operated independently. You do not need expertise to install this system.
• Grid system with battery backup – It is very similar to off-grid systems in terms of design and components, but has few more elements that increase the utility of the machine.
• Grid system without battery – This is the most common design and the most useful one.

What are the Basic Components of Solar Power System?

No matter which type of solar system you choose to buy from, all of them come with several basic components including:

• Panels – This component is the single biggest expense of a solar system. While installing the system in your home, you need to be sure about the placement and mounting of this component. This is because even a small mistake in placement will greatly affect the performance.
• DC to AC Inverter – This component takes the high current, low voltage signals from the PV panels and covert then into current. It does not cost much and is a must buy for any kind of solar system.
• Mounting equipment – This equipment is used to mount the panels, in order to attract maximum possible sunlight. The more sunlight the machine attracts, the more energy it will be able to generate.

Other than the three important components of the solar system there are many more, which increase the performance of the machine. These include disconnected switches, tracking mounts, wiring and fuse box connections, utility power meters etc.

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