It’s Time For HR To Catch Up With The Digital Evolution

Over the past 5 years, the South African Human Resource jobs industry has been under scrutiny as it lags behind in terms of adapting digital transformation. Most innovation is led by consumers (job seekers) and innovative disruptors line As jobseekers change and transform the industry into one that primarily relies on digital channels like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, it’s time recruiters catch up and spice up their online presence.

The online medium has proven to be an effective Glassdoor tool for employers, potential employees and potential employees in terms of expressing workplace opinions and issues. Negative or positive, this gives a peak into how a company operates. Many companies admit to the fact that have not caught up with the impact of the online media; merely perceiving it as a trend many years ago. Yet, it fast becoming evident that companies need to adapt to digitising their hiring process because this is the future of hiring.

A vast amount of South African recruiters solely rely on traditional hiring methods which are not acclimated to mobile devices, social media platforms and new age communication. For instance, training employees across various regions doesn’t have to be a costly exercise, companies could opt to use video capturing technology and live support from platforms like Skype.

Online branding in 2016 for companies can prove to be an investment for companies looking for new talent, especially when it comes to multifaceted and non-conformist roles. Of course, it all begins choosing the ideal job portal; South Africa’s two game changers are Job Placements and Executive Placements; here companies can sign up, gain access to CV and post new jobs available. Secondly, signing to a job aggregator like offers companies an added advantage of having their jobs distributed across a range of social networks and websites.

2016 will mark an interesting year in recruitment as presence on social platforms become a pivotal part of a company’s online brand representation.

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