Top 3 Recommended Web Hosting Services

For someone who is not well versed in IT services, it can be a bit difficult to cut through all the jargon and select the web hosting service that suits his/her needs perfectly. If it’s your first time when you are choosing a web hosting service then there is a possibility that you might end up choosing a not so favorable web hosting service provider.

There is no harm in learning from your mistakes but choosing a web hosting service that doesn’t suits your requirements can be very bad for your business. For this reason we thought to make a review of top 3 web hosting services.

Following is a list of top 3 recommended web hosting services for your business.

  • Dream Host :

Undoubtedly, Dreamhost is the one of the most popular web hosting services. Dreamhost serves both small business owners and large enterprises. There are standard plans starting as low as $8.95 per month. As we go up in the plan hierarchy, you will find more expensive plans for those who have greater bandwidth and dedicated server needs.

Setting up a website with Dreamhost is a breeze; you get one click installation and multiple theme options. Some other great features include unlimited email accounts, integration with Google apps, large database and high bandwidth availability. It’s fairly easy to use Dreamhost’s control panel but in case if you get stuck then it has excellent technical support available round the clock.

  • Hostgator :

You must have seen online advertisements of Hostgator. It has a large online presence with that friendly gator posing as its mascot. In a short span of time, Hostgator has won a large segment of customers. Some of the attractive features of Hostgator include unlimited bandwidth, unlimited storage space, hundreds of excellent design templates.

Hostgator takes its services a step forward and offers its customers 24 hours up-time guarantee. This means that if Hostgator fails to deliver on its promise of 24 hour server up-time then you can demand your money back. Even if you choose the most basic or standard plan from Hostgator, still you will get unlimited email accounts, hundreds of customized themes and templates and a hundred dollar Google ad word credit.

Hostgator offers a free trial period, if you like their services then it is better to sign up for a longer period as Hostgator provides big discounts to its customers who sign up for a longer period of time.

  • Linode :

Linode is a bit different from conventional web hosting services. Unlike other traditional web hosting services that offer shared servers, Linode offers VPS, an acronym for Virtual Private Server hosting. It can also be considered as a server on demand service. It means that no matter what your requirement is, you can always spin up a virtual server.

As you might have thought, Linode is a bit complicated, perhaps it is meant for those who are more familiar with the computer terminology. The lowest plan starts from $19.95 per month. If you are not sure about this Virtual Private Server hosting service then you can also get a free trial period.

By Brianna Wilson Jonathan Griffin is the editor of Best Host News. His blog is dedicated to reporting on ghost blogging platform related consumer news.

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