Galaxy Note 8 vs Samsung s8 : Which One To Buy?

Galaxy Note 8 vs Samsung s8 : Which One To Buy?

Samsung has been doing great improvement with its devices, the last two releases s8 and note 8 is considered one of the best smartphones of the year. Although, note series had faced lot of criticism in past due to the fault in note 7.   

Finally, samsung made a huge and impactful comeback in market with its most latest device note 8. The critics across the globe appreciated the technology greatly.

On the other hand, samsung s8 with its curvy and stylish design attracted customers from every corner of the world. Both the phones are of same brand and consisting highly advanced technology.

Still, there are some difference that make both of these phones completely different from each other. Lets just get started with detailing of both the phones and which one would be a perfect buy for you :-

Display:Super amoled 5.8 and 6.2 inch display in s8 and s8 plus is terrific, the experience of watching super hd videos in s8 infinity display is something that one should definitely look forward to. But. if you’re a kind of person who like big canvas then note 8 got your back just perfectly. The samsung galaxy big screen repair will soak you up entirely in a movie. Both note 8 and s8 offer same resolution so there will be less pixel per inch in note 8 as compare to s8 and s8 plus .  

Camera:S8 topped the list with its high quality camera performance till the time note 8 was not in cards. Now, note 8 became the first galaxy smartphone to offer dual camera at back. The camera quality of note 8 is pretty much superior than most of the devices available in the market. 12 megapixel camera with 2x optical zoom and image stabilization is upto the mark. Now, The real fun start from here, you can now click both portrait and wide angle image together at once as well as when you use live focus you have option to adjust blur both after and before shutter clicks. Pretty cool?

Special features :One of the most easiest way to determine whether you need note 8 or s8 is the s pen requirement. You have to decide whether s pen and the features related to it is useful to you or not?. Samsung has once again given s pen in note 8 with the option to make notes without unlocking the cell phone upto 100 pages. On the other hand except the pen, s8 consisting more or less has all the features such as 10nm processor,. Infinity display, bixby, facial recognition etc.

Price:Price play crucial role as note is quite expensive when its come to buying in comparison to s8. Both the s8 and s8 plus comes in between 750$ to 850$. While on the other hand, note 8 can cost you somewhere between 900$ to 950$.

Final call:Note 8 is a very impressive device which becomes more catchy with its dual camera and s pen technology. If you are willing to pay 1000$ for the smartphone then none other device can provide you this much feature and high tech technology same as note 8. But if you are looking for a smartphone in lower range similar to note 8 in android then s8 and s8 plus is the ideal choice. You can also opt Final call for s8 plus for a bigger screen if you like handy and bigger display smartphones.

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