Makeup Tips To Hide Your Pores

Makeup Tips To Hide Your Pores

Large pores can get in the way of achieving a flawless complexion. However, since the size of our pores are largely influenced by our genes, there’s not much we can do about changing them. Still, many are wondering about ways on how to minimize pores. Good thing there are a few skin care and makeup techniques that can make them disappear temporarily.

The first thing you have to remember is to cleanse your face, not just at the end of the day but also before you put on your makeup. A clean face is a clean slate, making everything you put on it adhere better. Make sure to use the right type of cleanser and exfoliator based on your skin type to more effectively cleanse your skin and unclog your pores. You should also remember to moisturize to keep your skin from drying out and help prevent wrinkles, as well. From there, you can rely on cosmetics to help hide your pores. Here are some tips.

Always Use a Primer

It might not sound too pretty, but you can compare applying a makeup primer to spackling your walls — it fills in the holes so the surface is smooth and ready for whatever you need to do. In this case, applying makeup. What’s more, using a primer makes your makeup last longer and also helps with a smoother, more even application. Your makeup also looks more seamless if you apply a primer before a foundation.

If you want more coverage, there are specific primers that boast of pore-minimizing properties. These are especially suited for photography and videography subjects, who are usually put under harsh, high-powered lights that can reveal even the finest of lines.

Choose the Right Foundation

Creamy or powder formulas are the best choices to help minimize the size of your pores. Foundations that have oil control properties are also good bets in refining the look of your skin. Application technique also matters. For best results, use a sponge or a beauty blender to tap your foundation into place. If you have to rub, do so gently with downward motions.

Use only a small amount at the beginning, then slowly add more product only when needed. If you add too much foundation, it may actually make your pores more visible. After application, you have to buff your foundation to further smoothen the appearance of your skin. The key is to use a circular motion when buffing to achieve that blurring effect. A fluffy, round-headed brush is the best choice for this process.

Use a Setting  Powder

To complete your flawless complexion, dust off your makeup with a light layer of powder. Stick to translucent powders for a smoother, radiant-looking finish. If you’re going to be photographed under bright lights or going to a well-lit venue, you should also avoid HD powders. These tend to reflect light and thus draw even more attention to your pores.

Don’t Use a Shimmery Blush

Just like HD powders, you should also steer clear of shimmery, glittery blushes as these can actually enhance the appearance of your pores. Pick matte shades in the light pink or coral family, and apply them lightly on the apples of your cheeks for a natural-looking bloom of color.

You can finish off the look with a bright red pout and a subtle smokey eyeshadow and cat-eye liner. And because excess oil makes your pores appear larger, a good tip is to always have a stock of oil blotting papers and use them whenever necessary throughout the day. Remember to pat, not wipe! Place a small pack of these blotting sheets, along with the setting powder and blush that you used for your look, in your purse so that you’re always ready for touch ups.

Genetics may get in the way of a smooth complexion, but with the help of makeup, you can definitely achieve that picture-perfect skin.

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