Best Products For Protecting Your Car From Rust

Best Products For Protecting Your Car From Rust

That crust on your car? It might be rust. Water and air combine to cause it in the right conditions, and it always means trouble for your car body. If you live in an area that gets a lot of rain, ice and snow or drive in areas that use road salt to improve road conditions, you need to stay vigilant to ward off rust. Here are some products that can help.

Rust-Proofing Sprays

Spray-on rust-proofing products, such as Rust-Oleum and Krown, can help prevent and/or stop rust damage. The trick is to apply it to areas where moisture can be trapped, such as along any seams, around the door rocker panels and in the wheel wells. You should apply these sprays annually.

Truck Bed Liners

Truck bed liners such as Rhino are available as roll-ons or spray-ons that mold to a truck’s bed as they dry. Because they form a tight seal, moisture cannot penetrate to cause rust.

Wax Twice a Year

Along with rinsing off road salt ASAP, you should clean your car regularly, wiping it down with a soft cotton cloth afterward to remove any remaining moisture. Wax your car twice a year to give it added protection from moisture and salt. Wax causes moisture to bead and run off and adds a barrier to prevent salt from eating into the paint.

Car Covers

The best protection you can provide is a premium car cover. Whether you have a BMW or a Model-T, California Car Cover offers a variety of materials to protect your vehicle from the elements without trapping moisture underneath it. A classic car cover protects against rain, snow and moisture that otherwise sits on your car and gives rust a chance to take hold.

Preventing moisture buildup can help prevent rust. For more information on protecting your vehicle from rust and other environmental hazards, browse California Car Cover products; for special attention, send a message using the online submit form.

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