Differences Between Silk and Synthetic Eyelash Extensions

Differences Between Silk and Synthetic Eyelash Extensions

One of the most asked questions when it comes to lash extensions in La Jolla is the difference between silk and synthetic extensions. Since they have varying materials, then their advantages and disadvantages also vary.

Below is a brief description of these two types of lash extensions along with their pros and cons, and when are they suitable to wear, so you will have a clear idea on what to decide on your next lash extension appointment.

Synthetic Eyelash Extensions

Synthetic lash extensions are made of acrylic, polished material and are the sturdiest of all lash extensions. These extensions are shinier in appearance compared to mink or silk eyelashes, and will appear more dramatic after they are applied. Synthetic lashes come in different thickness and curls and can be applied to appear more natural. These extensions are also quite popular with clients who want a more artificial and dramatic look.

Due to their firmness, their curl can hold for long periods of time. Some clients don’t find them more natural or soft compared to silk or mink extensions, although they can last for longer periods of time. Synthetic lashes are perfect for those with dense and healthy eyelashes and are generally popular among young clients. Since they are heavier than silk or mink extensions, for many, they are not a good option and should not be used for a long span of time as they can damage natural lashes.

Silk Eyelash Extensions

Silk lash extensions are the mid-range type of all the extension types and are more flexible and finer as compared to synthetic lash extensions. Since they are softer and more permeable, they can hold much longer compared to synthetic lashes. They can be made to appear more natural and stylish at the same time quite thick compared to synthetic ones. They are lighter than synthetic lashes, which makes it a better option for clients who have weak or fine lashes.

Silk lash extensions also tend to last much longer compared to synthetic lashes and have that more natural appearance amongst the actual eyelashes. Same as synthetic lash extensions, silk extensions come in different curls and lengths, although is a much better option for a more natural look since the curl isn’t as uniform and artificial-looking as those with the synthetic lashes. Many clients, especially brides opt for silk lash extensions because they last much longer and has that natural-looking effect.

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