Bahrain, The Origin Of Life

Bahrain is an Island located on the western shore of the pacific gulf. The island is a monarch and ruled by a king, but despite all this, it is quite liberal compared to most Middle East countries. Every citizen has the choice to choose what religion to follow without any kind of segregation, though Islam is still the prevailing religion. The oil reservoir of the country has led to its quick and steady development leading in the country’s good infrastructure and economy. These factors have made Bahrain a hot spot for tourism and also many more people are now applying for a Bahrain visa. With the rich scenery in the country, it is good to get some pointers on where to go when visiting the country.

The Tree of Life

The country is the home of the oldest tree. The mesquite tree is about 400 years old and its survival is a mystery to all. The fact that it is located in the desert adds to this mystery. Scientists are still baffled about where the tree gets its water. It is located in isolation and nothing meaningful grows around this tree. It leaves more mystery than any other plant in the world with its insistence to beat the odds of survival.

Bahrain International F1 Race

The event has become a permanent fixture in the country’s calendar, attracting thousands of F1 fans from all over the world. It also attracts the best drivers and companies in the sport. The circuit only promises to grow as it has only been recently established. The country has noticed the potential the circuit has and they are now using it to advertise the country’s tourist attraction very effectively. Ever since the establishment of the F1 race the tourism in the country has largely increased.

Culture and History

The country has a very rich culture and history, which is very well preserved by its people. It is home to one of the oldest mosques in the world dating to the tenth century, the ruins are still well managed to help the people preserve their history. It also has a dynamic museum with great artefacts that can really stir up your curiosity. One of the most amazing things about this country is that, many believe that it is the location of the Garden of Eden. Many biblical sites and archaeologist discoveries seem to back this believe. The presence of the unexplainable tree of life seems to add weight to this belief. Foods and Cuisines. Like most Arab countries Bahrain has its rich variety of spicy cuisine to get your tongue wagging. They have a variety of restaurants that specialize in the preparation of these foods. Be prepared for an explosion of curries and spices when eating this food.

Warm weather and sandy beaches

The country has very good weather for all the people who are looking to sunbathe and enjoy the beach. The beach hotels are very well constructed offering the complete holiday experience. The country is truly a wonderful destination with a variety of attractive sites and locations. The mystery that the country has only recently started to be unfold has only added to the potential of the country. Bahrain would be the ideal tourist attraction for everyone who loves a little mystery.

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