What Are The Different Types Of Rotary Shaft Seals?

What Are The Different Types Of Rotary Shaft Seals

With the rise of industrialization, comes the primary concern of safety. For any industrial setting, one of the major threats comes from those devices, which depends on rotational functions. While spinning at a very high speed, the improper fastening of the shafts can cause severe damage to both other machinery and workforce.

For avoiding this kind of workplace disasters, manufacturing corporations use shaft seals. This product is a round-shaped metallic seal, which covers the shaft. The design of the seal ensures that there is no friction between the shaft and the seal. Else, the problem can be more dangerous.

In the manufacturing industry, people use several kinds of rotary shaft seals. Different purposes and designs require various categories of such seals.

What are the different Types?

One can find several designs of seals inside a manufacturing plant. Following are some of the examples of such models:

  • Fabric Seals: It is a dual-performance rotary oil seal. Both the ends of this seal are made of hard plastics. For any shaft, there is a clearance gap. The hard plastic edges ensure that the seal does not run into that clearance hole. These shaft seals can work with a maximum operating temperature of a hundred degree Celsius. Oil and water hydraulic pumps use this kind of seal.
  • Heavy Duty Seals: Rolling mills, wind turbines, gears, and other similar types of industries use these products. The design of these seals is made to function in the rigorous, high velocity, and prone to disaster settings. These seals consist of an elastic fabric reinforced rubber configuration. This structure allows the seal to fit in a natural manner. Therefore, these seals find their places in the most difficult and complicated settings.
  • External Seals: This product is the most common one among the entire product line. People use this seal because of its robustness, space requirement, and price. In a practical sense, it can operate in any condition. Most common use of this product is in the water pumps, which one can see in most of the households. In the pumps, the seal ensures the gear is not touching the chassis. If there is a grease or lubricant between the gear and chassis, then the fabric reinforced seal fulfills the purpose.
  • Teflon Lip Seals: This product focuses on the conditions, which come with extreme pressure, very high temperature, and dry. It is high-temperature resistant and while annealing, even at the very low temperature, this seal can perform in the proper manner. Apart from that, this seal is susceptible to the pressure of more than 500 psi. One feature that makes it different from others is that this product is resistant to chemical reactions.

These are some of the various categories of rotary shaft seals. Though this list in not an exhaustive one, this can give one a fair idea about the different types of seals used in the manufacturing industry.

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