How to Beat the Post Lunch Productivity Slump in Office?

You’ve just had an elaborate lunch with colleagues from a fancy restaurant near your office and there’s an extremely crucial review meeting with client at 3pm. It’s only afternoon and you’re doing everything possible to ward off yawns and avoid microsleeps. Did this scenario look familiar?

As professionals, it’s quite natural for all of us to feel sluggish by the second half of the day because of the fluctuating circadian rhythms. Although this post-lunch sluggishness has more biological reasons, there are still some alterations you can incorporate in your lifestyle to fight the post-lunch dip in energy.

Here are some changes you can make in your everyday routine to ward off the post lunch sluggish feeling and keep feeling energetic and productive throughout the day:

Eat Smarter

We, at Candor TechSpace, believe that eating healthy is the key to staying fit and active. While foods rich in sugar and complex carbohydrates may bundle you with energy in no time but it gets replenishes equally faster leaving you yawning again in sometime.

While, on the other hand, foods loaded with proteins, carbohydrates, and healthy fats keep you fueled for hours at stretch. Candor TechSpace’s food court has some of the best restaurants functioning inside that replenish and recharge its inmates with their delicious and healthy food offerings.

From Starbucks to Chaayos, Subway, Pino’s, Asia 7, Zambar, and Dairy Brook; the list of finest Indian restaurants inside Candor premises ensure the office inmates are never compromising on the health quotient.

Here are some of the smart foods you can have in lunch to stay energetic:

  • Protein-rich foods like eggs, chicken, salmon, lentils, cottage cheese, and almonds
  • Low-sugar dark chocolate or energy-rich protein bars
  • Seasonal fruits like apples, oranges, blueberries, and more
  • Green tea in place of black tea or coffee
  • Plenty of fluids to stay hydrated and alert

Move & Talk

It’s quite natural to have a post-lunch dip in energy if you’re glued to your desk after eating. Research has proved that standing up, moving around the office helps fight sluggishness while keeping you alert and active apart from keeping the blood flowing. Go out for a walk in the sun, take a trip till the water cooler, or try and strike a small conversation with your team mates post lunch to stay active.

The spacious and well-accented lobbies of most Candor TechSpace office spaces offer ample walking space for the building inmates, thus promoting healthy habits. Also, the building’s stunning and well-maintained exterior having a vast green landscape is ideal for the employees to have a walk post lunch or bond with the colleagues while inhaling fresh air.

Doze Off for a While After Lunch

Many modern corporates in Gurgaon have designated sleeping pads for their employees where they can have a short nap for 15-20 minutes to rejuvenate themselves. Not just that fulfills your craving for a small nap but also helps keep you energized. The most crucial part here is to keep the nap duration between 15-20 minutes and do some quick stretches or jumps after waking up to keep you active.

Move by a Brightly-Lit Window/Desk

Dimmer rooms or those with no or poor sunlight tend to make one drowsy and inactive. Sitting on a desk by window or the room where there is ample natural sunlight helps keep the circadian rhythms stabilize and promote the overall alertness levels.

It also helps in normalizing sleep schedules to an extent. Candor TechSpace’s commercial properties have been built aligning with International design standards to let ample sunlight peep in and maintain a healthy and positive work environment.

Get a Good, Hearty Laugh

Probably one of the best ways to fight mental fatigue and keep sleepiness at bay is to laugh. Engage in some lighthearted conversation with your office mates, watch some funny videos on internet, or simply read something funny to make you feel less stressed, more active, and alert. Even sharing a funny story with your colleague in the name of productivity is a great idea to fight post-lunch productivity slump.

Regulate Good Bedtime Habits

At the last, keeping a well-balanced sleep hygiene and having adequate rest at night helps combat day time fatigue up to a large extent. If you’re into a highly-stressed work environment with mounting pressures and deadlines, make sure you’re getting minimum 7-8 hours of sleep every night. While sleeping, keep your smartphone away from your bed, refrain from having any caffeinated beverage, and say a small prayer before hitting off finally.

Candor TechSpace’s revolutionary office amenities are bent towards adding value to your life and help you making the most of your day while you’re at work. Candor TechSpace’s office spaces for rent in Gurgaon are sorted when it comes to providing modern, workable office space solutions for IT/ITES and MNCs.

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