Inflatable Dome Tent For Parties & Events

Inflatable event tents are mostly used in the commercial industry,culture,sports, travelling actions. particularly used for the studio of the film as well as the television, recreation plus the vacation places.Compared with the usual buildings, inflatable tents for occasion are cheaper. It’s a new product which is more convenicence, more stunning.

The projection tent attacted most attention owing to it’s special as well as huge round shape. And while making projection, populace could enjoy the show from 360°both from inside and outside. The bright show in the night sky prepared the inflatable dome tent ideal.

It is actually a creative inflatable movie theater, it is inflatable, transportable and stand without internal support. so the space within is large. With the enter as well as exit airlock system, populace could go in and out the dome liberally. There are several options for the dimension from 10m, 15m, 20m, 16m, 18m, and 25m, event 40m dia. The 25m projection tent could even accept more than 1000 person at a time.

Heimplanet Cave Tent

This highly inventive, tremendously fast-pitching tent is prepared to go in under 60 seconds. claim to be 100% water proof, The Cave’s cool, geodesic design make for a solid shelter. Made out of extremely breathable nylon as well as a non-transparent mosquito net, it is also tremendously lightweight, at a dainty 5kg. contentedly sleeping three, The Cave pack away just as rapidly as it was pitched.

Air Structure

Air Structure is a recently produced tent developed from inflatable tent as well as it’s getting more and more well-liked. With the similar principle as inflatable tent, air structure as well needs the blower to create it inflated, however the blower is no more the usual blower, it’s air generator with much strong power. For this air structure, it require foundation, lighting system, membrane,  industrial tunnel, emergency system, ventilation system, emergency door, revolving door. It can be used for diverse functions, like muti-sport as well as recreational activities, construction and manufacturing reason, etc.

The life span of our air structure could be with 30 years, 100% made as said by European standard. apart from that the foundation must be prepared by customers, all the rest parts would be supplied by us.

Large Laser Show Dome  Tent 

And the large laser show dome  tent is appropriate for many actions and occasions, for example fashion show, outdoor activity, festival, awards ceremony, wedding party, product show, and so on.

Projection Dome is a transparent multimedia dome tent that feature 360-degree projection on both the inside as well as outside. As a multimedia dome, the Sphere feature video projection, laser light shows, cinema, special effects lighting, video feed, live video projection, and more.

Nordisk Reisa

This versatile alternative has a front that open up as a big tarpaulin for added airing, while the central section has an entrance each side, with roll-up window and doors that could be used as tarp with the additional poles. It’s tough and spacious, with abundance of storage as well as it packs down actually small.

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