Various classes and uses of Notepads

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Used occasionally or daily

They consist of a binder or a book composed of pages, made out of ruled or plain paper for the purpose of taking notes, writing, scrapbooking or drawing. They are used by people from all walks of life including lawyers, students, vehicle owners, patients and even bankers. These people use them occasionally or even on a daily basis.

Legal rules

Artists use large notepads that come in the form of notebooks. They include the big space of blank paper useful in drawing and sketching. Those used by lawyers are referred to as legal pads and contain ruled papers (mostly yellow).they can be used on desks and tables. The horizontal rules are usually grouped according to the space between the lines, the farthest being the wide rule, the closer are the college rules slightly closer are the legal rules and the narrow rules being the closest. The last one allows more text lines per page. They may be termed as composition books if you sew them into a backing. Blue books or exam books are those smaller ones that in smaller signatures.

Reporters’ notebooks

On the other hand, media people, especially reporters and journalists use little, handheld notebooks that are portable. These are referred to as reporter’s notebooks. Researchers and scientists make use of the lab notebooks for their experiments and findings. The lab notebooks may sometimes have graphs for plotting the data. The law enforcement officers write notes about their observations in police notebooks. Land surveyors commonly use Fieldbooks, and they come in hard-bound durable notebooks.

Pupils use notebooks and studies for note taking as they learn in classes. There are other users of notepad products in the day to day life.

Integration with technology

From the beginning of the 20th century, there have been several attempts to integrate notepads simplicity with searching, editing, and communication capabilities of the computers via the creation of software that can be used for note taking. The laptops started to be referred to as notebooks the time they came in small sizes in the 90s. However, they never had any ability to take notes. PDAs came after the laptops where they integrated the touch –sensitive pad with the liquid crystal displays for the input of written text and graphics. Now there are tablets that are larger in size and avail more navigation and writing space.

The digital paper integrates digital interactivity and storage with the traditional notebook and pen simplicity .Once you print an invisible dot prototype on the notepad, and use a pen that has an infrared camera, your written text is transferable to a mobile phone, laptop or BackOffice for processing and storage.

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