Home Tricks To Remove Odors

Home Tricks To Remove Odors

Although a house is completely clean, if you have a bad smell will not cause a good impression. Even there are some items of everyday use in the home when they acquire a bad odor is a real pain to remove head.

However, there are homemade tricks that can help eliminate odor coming from different parts of the home and items we use frequently. Take note of the following tips:

Cigarette Smell

To finish with the smell of cigar pour three tablespoons of vinegar on a damp cloth and shake the room a few minutes. Neutralized vinegar flavor.

You can also place containers with water and crushed rosemary leaves or coffee beans in some corners. Turns perfumed candles.

To ashtrays, fill them with yeast or put some cat litter, you’ll see it disappear persistent cigarette smell.

In the Kitchen

When you cook cauliflower or cabbage add walnuts or hazelnuts (in shell) in water. Absorb odors.

To remove the smell of cooking the fish, add a slice of fresh ginger. In the case of baked fish, place on a foil with lemon or orange peels.

You can also place a slice of lemon on the burner stove just before you start frying and keep it there throughout cooking the fish.

To avoid the smell that spreads when frying food in hot oil includes a bunch of rosemary, a piece of apple unpeeled or a tablespoon of ground coffee.

For odors disappear immediately, you only need to boil some white vinegar in a pan without a lid. The steam will make automatically neutralize odors.

To combat the smell of onions on your hands, rub them with fresh aromatic plant for a few minutes and then rinse with water.

Avoid pouring grease down the sink, and that permeate piping and just smelling bad. To prevent stink you can flush with boiling water regularly, once a month, a disinfectant in the ducts and leave overnight.

Regarding cutting boards. scrape with a knife at least once a week. Then rub them with half a lemon to fully eliminate odors or wash it with water in which was previously diluted sodium bicarbonate. Prevents the smell of onions is impregnated with salt rubbing the end grain chopping.

For the refrigerator, clean the shelf once a month with bleach. Do not forget the seals around the door. To mitigate odors only be washed in hot water and vinegar. Leave on for 15-20 minutes and rinse with water. Finally you can enter a bowl with lemon juice to give a touch of freshness.

You can prevent the aromas mix if you enter a jar with baking soda, salt and sugar. If it comes to penetrating odors tested by placing a piece of charcoal, a bowl of milk flavored with a slice of lemon or an open bottle of mineral water.

If your microwave is impregnated with an unpleasant odor, place a cup of water diluted with lemon juice and let it warm to the maximum for 30 seconds. Leave the mixture inside the oven for half an hour.

Home Tricks To Remove Odors

Interior Furniture

Boil milk and pour into a container and enter it in the cabinet. Close doors and drawers and let stand overnight. Place in small containers of furniture mustard flour or bath salts.

Musty Smell

Enter a sugar cube in empty jars that remain closed for long: not smell musty. You can also pour inside hot water with lemon and marinate for several hours.

Smelly Shoes

Spreads bicarbonate inside deodorizing shoes and shake them the next day. The shoes can soak in soapy water and a splash of vinegar for 30 minutes. Another way to clean the shoes with a damp cloth is also combined vinegar inside and out.

Masks the smell of leather placing the garment or bag inside a plastic bag with a few coffee beans for several hours.

In Beds

Sprinkle linens, blankets or mattresses with sodium, borax or baking spice mixture, leave overnight and then aspirated.

Sprinkle baking soda between the mattress and the base and leave it at that. Vacuuming occasionally. If you are an old mattress, leave for a week, or rub with a sponge dampened with vinegar.

In the Car

Sprinkle baking soda or borax on the carpet and seats of the car and then withdraw, an hour later, with a vacuum.

Couch Smelling Urine

Sprinkle a few drops of mouthwash on the couch, but before placing a drop on an inconspicuous spot to find that not damage the tapestry furniture.


Put at the bottom a layer of cat litter. You’ll be surprised how odor disappears.

The Basket of Dirty Laundry

Pour baking soda into the basket of dirty clothes if you are not going to wash for a few days.

Smell of Paint

The painting shows an intense and complicated eliminate stink more than the room ventilation. A good trick is to place a bowl with bread crumbs in the center of the room for 24 hours. Another variation is to add a few drops of vanilla extract in the can, will cause the paint smell disappears.

Clothes Smell Smoke

To remove the smell of smoke, you must add a cup of soap for washing, 1/2 cup ammonia and 1/2 cup vinegar, do not add bleach.

Tip for Air Freshener

When preparing food with lemon or orange will not get rid of the shells, put them in a metal box or cookie tin so that when you want the house to cool and smell nice simply open and ready.

A different way to spread the fresh scent is placing husks in boiling water with some cinnamon sticks. Test after the meeting or the party will see that the atmosphere pleasant feel.

Place in a pot a little cinnamon, orange peel and cloves whole smell and then add enough water; put small cups of vinegar around the room.

Put a preferred combination of spices, within a nylons tied at both ends and place where there are drafts or heating.

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