The Importance Of Soil Erosion Control Products

The Importance Of Soil Erosion Control Products

While it can be seen as the natural process, soil erosion is also instigated by several other causes. Soil erosion usually develops gradually, it can slowly expand to become a danger to the landscape and environment. It could either be caused due to natural reasons or due to other human activities. Erosion leaves the affected area of the land exposed to more unpredictable soil erosion, thus reducing the surface runoff flow velocity.

Here is a list of some most common causes of soil erosion followed by possible solutions for the same.

  • DEFORESTATION:  It is one of the biggest factors responsible for erosion. When vegetation cover and forests are destroyed, the landscape gets exposed to the agents of soil erosion. Trees and plants act as barriers against the major causes of erosion including moving wind and raindrops.
  • SOIL TEXTURE:  The structure and fineness of the soil particles may also be responsible for the occurrence of a soil erosion. Open structure soil and small grain erode more than closed structure soil and larger grain.
  • BAD CLIMATIC CONDITIONS: During harsh climatic situations like heavy rainfall, drought, wind, tsunami and other conditions, massive soil erosion takes place. The moving wind carries away the topmost layer of soil with itself.


  • Woven Geotextiles

These are most commonly used for the locations that need the high level of soil stabilization in order to control soil erosion. These woven geotextiles include the placement of the roads, riprap, driveways, or other areas dealing with high traffic or heavy objects.

  • Nonwoven Geotextiles

Nonwoven Geotextiles are most commonly chosen for the locations dealing with filtration and drainage. Because of their felt like the exterior, water flows more quickly and efficiently through the fabric, thus keeping the flow of water high and allowing the particles to be filtered out.

  • Natural Fiber Products

Natural fiber soil erosion control products are available in wood fiber, coconut fiber, or blend. They’re often used in conjunction with vegetation and seeds. As these natural fiber products stabilize the area of the soil, vegetation is able to take root. Natural fiber erosion control products include the following.

  • Straw Products
  • Wood Fiber Products
  • Coir Products (coconut fibers)
  • Coco-straw fiber Products


Soil erosion control requires several products that are reliable, diverse and equipped to handle condition and situation of the project area.  Controlling erosion that results from heavy water flows, rainfall, stormwater runoff and wind, the erosion control products stabilize areas to provide a stable foundation for vegetation. All these products have been successfully used on restoration projects construction sites, lakes hills and more.   

When it about finding the best solution for controlling soil erosion, you should consider using the above-mentioned erosion control products that help to strengthen the structure of the soil. Also, a major factor to control soil erosion is to educate people especially farmers on how it is a big concern what essential steps should be taken to help reduce it.

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