Deck Up Your Home With Curtains and Carpets

Deck Up Your Home With Curtains and Carpets

Decking up a home quick and within budget can be simple enough with the right proportions and choice of colors for cushions, carpets, and curtains. Choosing the color according to the backdrop walls and the style in tune with the décor is just the thing you need to make your house a cozy and delightful hearth to live.

Your home is where your heart is and hence a beautifully decked up home with vibrant curtains and charming carpets can soothe your mind to the core. While you may have given detailed attention to the wall colors the cushions, curtains and lonely corners accentuated with carpets can create all the difference of making your house a home and a cozy hearth to live. Even if your pocket is tugging at you not to splurge much these simple tips would lend a sprightly demeanor to your home. Just with the right splash of colors on the three C’s Curtains, Cushions and Carpets you bet you can make your home the envy of your neighbors.


Drape the windows of your home with the apt color of draperies that accentuate the backdrop décor of your rooms. If you have chosen neutral shades for your wall colors spruce the windows up with a highlighting vibrant color that compliment them the most while not appearing too crass and cheap. For rooms which have a highlighted wall try picking up curtains that are of the same color, thus add an instant brightening effect to the room. Curtains can be of myriad kinds and not all would fit the needs and décor of all rooms. For instance, if you are looking for privacy in your bedroom deck it up with blackout curtains which lend your room with a cozy, warm feeling in winter and are great for keeping it cool during summers too. For other rooms you can choose among curtains and blinds taking into consideration what suits you best and which would play the dual role of proffering a subtle sense of privacy as well as a way to deck up your rooms.


Did you know what could give your rooms an instant lift? Cushions in all their kaleidoscopic colors that perfectly compliment the hues of the room are the best way to do up your room quick if you have some guests calling over for dinner. Just stack up a few cushions on top of the other along the sides of the bed or throw a few in vibrant mix-and-match shades on the couch and up the demeanor of your room within a few minutes.


Nothing seems richer and grander than a Persian carpet enveloping a big area in your living room giving your very home an aura of royalty. Intricately woven in bright colors, these carpets echo your rich aesthetic taste while upping the décor of your rooms. For those lonely corners out there what better way to bedeck them up with sprightly hued throw rugs that feel warm, comfortable and beautiful and are one of the budget ways to furnish your cozy hearth. If you already have carpets and cushions at home be sure to maintain and clean them periodically.

One way to ensure welcoming novelty in your house is to change the set up of the couches, sofas and other furniture from time to time spruce them up with varying colors of cushions and curtains in complimenting shades. With such little efforts taken on your part you can bring about a new look to your home and make it a soothing place to live in.

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After being appreciated for years due to my work related to blinds, curtains and carpets in Singapore, I James Alson, have now decided to share my knowledge about all of them with everyone so that people, who are planning to get their window decorated can have more knowledge about curtains and blinds. In this article of mine, I am sharing some tips on how one can purchase quality blinds.

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