5 Practical Ways To Stage Your Open House That’ll Attract Buyers

5 Practical Ways To Stage Your Open House That’ll Attract Buyers

Conducting an open house is a sure-fire way to get your property on sale, especially if it is in a robust condition. Otherwise, you’ll probably have a hard time selling your home. If you’re thinking of putting your home on the market, then you’ve probably heard of the word staging.

Home staging is the means of preparing your property for sale through neutralizing, depersonalizing, decluttering, and among other approaches. Thus, if you want to steer clear of an open house rebuff, repairing, staging, or primarily preparing your property for sale are a must.

So how can homeowners make their properties open-house ready? Well, it largely depends on the current condition of your property. Sometimes it can be a big, overwhelming project. For a little help, check out the list below to get your home open-house ready.

5 Practical Ways To Stage Your Open House That’ll Attract Buyers

Make a Realistic Plan

Of course, nobody wants to start prepping for an open house by making random home updates. So before starting, it’s necessary to figure out what home improvements will help you market your home and to create a reasonable plan that qualifies your time frame and budget.

To help you get started, you must relinquish emotionally. The minute you decide to sell your home, it automatically becomes a product. Thus, you have to instruct yourself that it’s not your home anymore. Start calling it as your property rather than your home.

After letting go emotionally, you’ll have to determine your target audience. Consider what type of neighborhood you have. Is it packed with first-time home buyers or mature and well-established families?

Identifying your target audience is very important because you’ll know how to stage your property accordingly. A real estate agent can help you out regarding what’s best for your area. You can look for a seasoned real estate agent in any firms such as Ashe Morgan. Once identified, you’ll need to figure out what your potential buyers want.

For the most part, buyers are on the hunt for three things. That is a spontaneous connection with the property, move-in ready conditions, and value for their money. So, as you’re prepping your home, consider these factors since you have the control over them.

Start the Real Deal

After the planning stage, for sure you’ve found some issues that affect your entire property, such as chipped paint or old carpeting. Or perhaps your home looks dated and cluttered in general, a condition that’ll make it tough for homebuyers to visualize your home as their very own.

The complications can be baffling to fix, but they are the one that homebuyers will, for sure, observe during your open house. As such, you should consider doing some common fixes. The simplest of them all is decluttering or cleaning.

If your potential home buyers walk into your open house and notice the dirt on your furniture and in your showers, you’ll lose the odds of making a sale. Thus, be sure to clean your home thoroughly. Pay more attention to your bathrooms and kitchen because these areas tend to get greasy the fastest.

Also, keep in mind to depersonalize. Strictly speaking, put away all the things that hold value to you, such as your knickknacks and family photos before your open house. Think of it as a way to start packing. Furthermore, keep your storage spaces and closets clean and organize.

Facilitate a Repair Project

Another important detail to consider is to repair all that’s broken, even the smallest maintenance projects that you have been delaying for years. Well, now is probably the best time to do them. Be sure to replace all damaged windows, broken faucets, and worn-out light switches. Ensure that they are working on your open house.

Painting is also one of the most practical ways to ensure that your property will show well during the open house. Consider applying neutral colors such as pale green or beige. Applying a fresh coat of paint can also do all the wonders on cheap or outdated cabinetry. It’ll update your home and make it seem more high-priced.

You can also opt to replace the flooring in your home if it’s worn-out beyond repair. On the other hand, make sure to refurbish your home’s light fixtures. They are certainly the jewelry of a home. You can buy high-quality fixtures in any online store such as BlackMango.

Enhance the Details

Once you’ve dealt with the big, important projects, the most difficult and most costly part is now out of the way. You can now add some small details or repurpose what you own. For the entryway, be sure to keep your lawn well-maintained, plant flowers, clean the gutters, replace old welcome mat, and to repaint your front door.

For the living space, you can opt to keep your furniture at a minimum. Organize these pieces accordingly to set up a focal point. And if the chairs or sofas aren’t in the best shape, wrap them with lush throws or slipcovers.

For the kitchen, you can choose to add chic and sleek accessories such as decorative bottles of glass jars. Add some greenery to the room as well. Don’t forget to take off photos and magnets off the refrigerator.

For the bedroom, be sure only to put all the essential items that belong in a bedroom. Meaning, no additional beds for your children and no workspaces. Also, buy bed frames, in case you have none, to lift the mattresses up.

For the bathroom, take out all your personal belongings such as toothbrushes, and put them in a hidden container. Add a brand-new shower curtain and refreshing, scented soaps. For the backyard, you can opt to add some pieces of furniture like a small table and a couple of chairs. Decorate it as an area for entertaining guests.

Finishing Touches

After all the tweaks and updates, it’s finally here, your open house. As such, your property should be in an excellent condition and open-house ready for potential home buyers. However, don’t skip some of the last minute details.

For example, vases of bright, colorful, fresh-cut flowers. They will surely make your property have a pop of color and smell nice. Don’t forget to accustom the temperature, not too hot or not too cold.

During the open house, make sure to serve your potential buyers some delectable food and drinks because it’ll make them stay a bit longer, allowing them to check your property for a long time. And finally, leave. Meaning, let your buyers envision themselves in the place. Don’t make them feel uneasy. So, leave the house and let your prepped home market itself.


Indeed, holding an open house can increase the possibility of selling your home, that is if your property is open-house ready. If not, then it’s probably wise to stage your home now before your open house. From large to small home improvement projects, home staging can certainly help you sell your faster as fast as possible.

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