Why Becoming An HR Assistant Could Be A Great Move

When you are looking for a new job or perhaps a change of career, then it never hurts to see what kind of jobs are popular at the time. While you shouldn’t pick a career based on what is hiring, it can help you to make a choice about your career path. One job that is in demand in London and around the country at the moment is being an HR Assistant. But what is the job and how can you be successful in applying for a vacancy?

Job Overview

Working in HR or Human Resources is a varied job that incorporates a wide range of tasks and being an HR Assistant means you get to deal with people in different parts of their roles. It involves recruitment, training and redundancies as well as dismissals and disciplinary actions. It also involves working with employees who have issues or grievances and helping the company with its employment law compliance and managing employee benefits.

Full time vacancies will involve working an average of 35-40 hours a week, mainly being office based though if the business has multiple locations, you may be required to travel between them. wages start from around £15,000 a year with progression through the higher roles in HR seeing an increase in wages correspondingly.

Why Becoming An HR Assistant Could Be A Great Move

Personal Skills

There is no certain characteristics required to work in HR as there are so many different aspects to the job. However, some personal skills are a big benefit for this kind of work. Being a good communicator is a crucial skill in all aspects of being an HR Assistant, both face to face and over the phone.

Some basic IT skills will be a big benefit as almost all of these roles will involve computer work in some form. You would also need to learn new systems within the company as big employers may have their own dedicated IT system, so the ability to pick up new software is a benefit.

Finally, you need to have a good organization ability and be a stickler for detail. The job can involve very intricate and fine points that mean you must have a detail-orientated approach to your work.

Training for the Job

A great number of jobs can lead into working in HR, even when they seem unrelated. Customer service work, dealing with problems and general organization roles can all lead into working as an HR Assistant. However, it does pay to get some general qualifications before applying for a role with an HR Assistant Qualification being a great starting point.

Once you have taken your basic qualification, you can continue as a generalist or look to move into specific areas of the job. This might be working with the training and development of staff or into employee relations.

The career path from an HR Assistant can include moving into an HR Administrator or an HR Officer as well as eventually becoming an HR Manager and overseeing these different levels of the business.

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