5 Games That Enhance Mental Capacities

Everyone wants to stay sharp and boost their brainpower at some point in their life. Whether it is to increase your mental capacity when it comes to job, school or life in general. We all want to train our brain in a way so that we can most out of it. Training your brain can be helpful in preventing diseases like Alzheimer’s and Dementia.

We live in a technological advanced world and utilizing these new powerful tools can benefit us in different ways. You can always use portable devices like mobile phone, laptops, and tablets to enhance your mental capability. When put to good and positive use these devices are really helpful and lifesaving. There are various brain game apps for adults and children that you can download to start training your brain. You can play brain games online too, there are endless options to choose from on the internet. Many categories include puzzles, mysteries, word problems, math skills etc.

There are different ways to increase your cognitive skills like memorization, attention, focusing, processing skills, solving problems. We are here to discuss a fun way to improve your long and short term memories.

  1. Luminosity: This game is designed by neuro scientists to help improve cognitive skills of a person. It focuses on different areas of the brain like memory, focus, flexibility and finding solutions of a problem quickly. It stimulates your brain and trains it to solve problems by providing you different tasks at different levels. It helps you retain more information by giving you puzzle exercises. Luminosity is one of the most popular games when it comes to training your brain.
  1. Chess, Checkers and Backgammon: There all are the classic games which helps in improving brainpower. Researchers say that playing chess increases the overall IQ of a person. No doubt about that because most chess players are very intelligent and smart in general. Chess and Checkers help you strategize your game so that you can make your move in a more effective way. All of these games analyse your position and plan accordingly. These are the best exercise for the brain as it improves memory and increases your attention span.
  1. Eidetic: A very popular game to help your learn and remember by focusing on your cognitive functions of the brain. It is a memory challenging game where you have to recognize different pictures drawn in a specific manner. It will show you a picture after few seconds it would disappear, you would have to correctly guess where everything was and solve the puzzle. There are many complex levels you have to cross in order to make your brain stronger.
  1. Brain Matrix: If you want to put your intellect to test, then this is the game for you. It helps you improve and enhance your memory skills. It claims that even if you play this game every day for a shorter period of time, it can help your memory and focus. There are different exercises specifically designed to help elevate your knowledge. Different games in it features IQ testing, colour recognitions and various others.
  1. Sudoku: We all have seen this game at the back of the newspaper page. A classic mind boggling game is very good for mathematical calculations and mind training. It helps in reviving your memory while you’re trying to fit nine numbers in the spaces. Instant calculations helps in organizational skills as well as management training. Sudoku is available as an app for mobiles and tablets too. So it get convenient to try this game anywhere at any time.

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